June 18, 2024 5:18 AM
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Research proves value of face-to-face communication

Research conducted by Loughborough University and imago has revealed that those attending meetings and the meetings organizers of the future gain more from being face to face with their peers over other methods of communications.

ECN 092015_NTL_Research proves value of face-to-face communicationThe research – Does the future have room for face-to-face communication – was conducted in conjunction with The Right Solution and measured the value of face-to-face communication among a sample of more than 750 event organizers, delegates, graduate and undergraduate students.

The results showed 96.9 percent of delegate’s favored face-to-face communication. In particular, they preferred face-to-face meetings of fewer than 10 participants. Students said they gained more value from their learning experience by being face to face in the form of tutorials (81.4 percent) compared to working online or independently.

Students, delegates and organizers all agreed that a face-to-face meeting had more value compared to conference calls, emails and other form of communication.

The research identified 31 positive aspects of face-to-face communication, including:

  • Fresh ways of thinking
  • Team unity
  • Investment in employees
  • Engagement
  • Enjoyment

Emma Boynton, head of sales and marketing, imago, commented, “Amongst those who already attend and organize a meeting and the meetings and event’s organizers of the future, face-to-face communication is most preferred because it allows people to read facial expressions, increases interaction and understanding of the message. Most importantly it creates an environment where people can learn rather than be taught. Face-to-face communication is important in in a business setting because it allows relationships to develop in a way that can’t be achieved by email and telephone conversations.

“Including students in the research, particularly those on courses such as Loughborough University’s MBA gives an insight into the minds of future leaders, event delegates and organizers. This research provides a great tool for the industry as it provides an insight into how people get the best from their learning, which is of vital importance when organizing meetings and events.”

The final research paper is available to download for free from http://go.welcometoimago.com/meet-the-future.

The research was undertaken by Loughborough University and imago. The Right Solution provided methodology, analysis and validation of the research which was conducted amongst 779 respondents using a mixture of focus groups, online and face to face questionnaires. Follow the debate and share thoughts about the research on Twitter via #futureF2F

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