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In 1980, Gordon Savoie started a business with one simple product and an idea. Today, Skyline Exhibits is a high profile company inskyline the exhibiting industry doing business with some of the world’s biggest brands in over 40 countries. Savoie, who passed away in August, was key to that evolution.

“The reason Skyline realized such rapid success is due to Gordon’s initial business approach,” stated Paul Plunkett, chairman, Board of Directors, Skyline Exhibits. “He had an extensive financial background as an economist, a strategist and banker, giving him the foundation on which to build a solid business. But while his background was in finance, his true passions were design and education.”

Early on, Gordon pushed a growing team of designers and engineers to create products that helped companies exhibit better, easier, faster and lighter. The family of products they developed changed the industry and helped fuel its growth. Soon, educational materials and programs were put in place that offered helpful exhibiting ideas, trends and best practices.

“We are thankful for his legacy, and we commit today to further that legacy by living and conducting business in ways that would make him proud,” said Bill Dierberger, president of Skyline Exhibits. “We will continue to invest in product development, in education and the next generation of designers. It’s not only what Gordon would want, it’s what we as a company believe.”

Skyline has since accumulated dozens of product design and exhibiting awards and has earned over 80 patents. Also, an estimated 150,000 exhibiting professionals have attended Skyline’s free educational seminars and webinars over the years.

Many Skyline employees, dealers and exhibiting consultants have been part of the team since the early days.

“Officers, management and employees have a good sense of the way Gordon wanted the business to run,” said Dierberger. “So much, in fact, that for the past few years,he stepped out of day-to-day operations to casually monitor the business from warmer climates.”

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