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Demonstrating an exhibit system that’s small enough to fit in carry-on luggage, Skyline Exhibits previewed its Windscape system at EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas.

A demo of Skyline's Windscape system at EXHIBITOR2014 (Courtesy: Erik Huey)

A demo of Skyline’s Windscape system at EXHIBITOR2014 (Courtesy: Erik Huey)

Mike Thimmesch, director of customer engagement, Skyline, shared that the air-powered system takes less than 10 minutes to inflate.

“We’ve been in business for 34 years and we know that flexibility is key for exhibitors,” said Thimmesch. “The inflator, being a separate, stand-alone item, has an auto-shutoff and weighs only 11 lbs.”

The system has tension fabric overlays, which allow an exhibitor to easily change out a message, added Thimmesch.

For more information, visit www.skyline.com.

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