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As The Saw Turns: Sometimes the Right Answer is “No”

As The Saw Turns: Who Are Your “Bigs?”

by Jim Obermeyer I was asked a while back by a young friend to answer that question. Who have I looked up to as a “Big?” In other words, who mentored and inspired me in the early stages of my career? As I tripped back in time, I came upon several people that have...

Leaving Your Legacy – By Jim Obermeyer

It is interesting to me how our chosen careers build upon themselves; how each experience adds to the wisdom base, which then allows you to be able to succeed at the next level. I could not do the job I am currently doing as well as I do if I had not had the...

Are You Peddling Hotdogs? – By Jim Obermeyer

I was talking to a good friend the other day about our changing industry. He has been around this business for about 25 years.  He was venting some frustration about how some of his staff still approach every new sales opportunity from the perspective of how much shop...

What Happened to the Fun Part? By Jim Obermeyer

I remember a time when selling exhibits was a lot more fun. We worked hard to build relationships with trade show managers and marketing managers and sales executives in our prospective client’s companies.  We did things to earn trust, build rapport and create...