April 18, 2024 6:50 PM
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The Expo Group names Randy Pekowski as CEO

Ray Pekowski to continue to serve as Executive Chairman of the Board. 

submitted by Michael Guillory, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, The Expo Group

Dallas, TX – Randy Pekowski has been named the Chief Executive Officer for the Expo Group preceding Ray Pekowski who has served in that role since the company’s inception in 1991. 

Randy, who has been the President and COO for the company since 2016, will continue to lead as CEO and President to further the company’s success. This generational transfer is a milestone for The Expo Group and demonstrates the strength of the organization as it continues to grow. 

During his time in his current role, Randy led significant geographic and business expansion, positioning The Expo Group for even stronger growth. His passion for contributing to the industry’s success is demonstrated with participation in events across the industry including an Executive Board role in ESCA.  

“As we have expanded our business, it has been an amazing team effort to find new avenues for revenue growth and opportunities,” said Randy. “I am honored to continue a leadership role at The Expo Group to further the life-long vision of my Father Ray, who has built this business into a strong position in the industry. We will continue to stay focused on elevating our customers’ brands to enable the delivery of content, commerce, and community connections.” 

Ray Pekowski, the company’s founder, and CEO will transition to serve as Executive Chairman of the Board and will remain active on The Board of Directors in a strategic capacity. 

“Randy has essentially been serving in the capacity of CEO for some time,” said Ray Pekowski. “I have unwavering trust in him and his Leadership Team to lead the charge to new levels of success for our business and our customers.”  

This title transition is effective immediately and represents continued commitment for The Expo Group to further its formidable position in the industry.  

About the Expo Group 

The Expo Group serves as architects for connecting communities through the design and management of personalized, unforgettable tradeshows and events. The company helps its clients reimagine events by leveraging behavioral science to deliver customized brand experiences with valuable content, connections, and commerce. It has headquarters near Dallas with offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and Washington D.C. For more information, visit theexpogroup.com or contact mguillory@theexpogroup.com.   

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