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Trumari markets eco-friendly instant foldable retail displays

Growing demand doubled sales of Lama instant foldable, three-dimensional display systems by Trumari in 2013, a leading U.S. manufacturer and distributing source of floor and countertop displays.

At GlobalShop Visual Merchandising & Shopper Marketing Expo, the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing held in March 2014, Trumari anticipated continued double-digit growth in 2014 with companies continuing to look for eco-friendly, effective ways to revolutionize their brands.

Lindt Lindor: Four–Sided Product Promotion Kiosk w/Table
Lindt Lindor: Four–Sided Product Promotion Kiosk w/Table

“At Trumari, we’re committed to providing effective, versatile, sustainable displays that get to market quickly, allowing companies to capitalize on hot topics and stay current with the buzz while marketing their brands,” said Wayne Millage, president, Trumari. “We saw significant growth in 2013 as a result, and continue anticipating growing demand for our award-winning Lamas in the year ahead.”

Offering hundreds of Lama display shapes and sizes available for indoor use, Trumari debuted two innovative new display products at GlobalShop including the Lighted Display and the Rotating Display.

“In the past year, we’ve seen significant growth in the software, hardware, gaming and food industries—and we expect increased demand in the wine, beer and spirit market,” Millage said. “With the new Lighted and Rotating Displays, we wanted to expand options for all of our customers and continue showing our endless creativity.”

The company’s best sellers include the Three Shelf Cargo Display, utilized by well-known companies such as Zevia and Wilson and designed to hold heavy loads such as beverages, books or substantial packages; Ring Kiosks, with four double-sided columns and headers designed to make an impressive presentation on the tradeshow or retail floor; and the five- to six-foot Standard Display, for general branding, promotional information and new item launches.

BuckinHot BBQ Sauce: Bookshelf Display w/Base for Extra Stability + Die-Cut Header & Die-Cut Add-On: image showing display before & after deployment
BuckinHot BBQ Sauce: Bookshelf Display w/Base for Extra Stability + Die-Cut Header & Die-Cut Add-On: **image showing display before & after deployment

Having a positive effect on its brand, Paul Byrne, president, Precor, a recognized brand in health and fitness, committed the company to making Lama displays a crucial part of its product marketing efforts.

“Because the full-color displays are so high impact and eco-friendly, we’ve been thrilled with our Lamas,” Byrne shared.

Produced sustainably through patented structural technology, the foldable Lama displays are both compact and lightweight. Most displays can be shipped in a single carton approximately the size of an extra-large pizza box.

Typical Lamas, including the outer carton, weigh less than five pounds per display and dozens more can fit on a single pallet, so this significantly reduces shipping costs for exhibitors. Mailed at a fraction of the cost, companies can save an average of 65-75 percent in shipping compared with traditional displays.

Effortless assemblies also reduce the overall time and cost for installation and dismantle of the display. The pre-setup display allows exhibitors to “drop and shop,” according to Millage, for which retailers value the Lama two to one when compared with traditional displays.

The portable displays can deploy with little to no assembly required. Users simply take the Lama display out of the box, hold the top and unfold it—with the display easily springing into place and standing upright. Within approximately five minutes, the Lama can be set up with a free-standing display or backdrop, measuring up to seven feet tall.

Available in hundreds of shapes, sizes and unique combinations, the visually-arresting Lama is also highly customizable. Standard shapes, such as elliptical, square, round, triangle and half-moon, are used to match the client’s brand. To further customize, clients can request a die-cut onto the display to make it more specific.

With attachable brochure pockets and shelving options, the displays are also functional. The prism display, for example, contains three shelves that can hold 40 pounds each.

Composed of all recyclable materials, the patented display is a paper-based substrate made of paperboard or corrugated pieces. Folded down in a zigzag pattern, the corrugated pieces are held by rubber bands to create tension within the box. The rubber bands are 98 percent natural latex rubber, and made so that they are not affected by UV lights for longevity.

Tolavina Wine: Elliptical Column w/Side Extensions, Lug-On & Die-Cut Header **image showing display before & after deployment
Tolavina Wine: Elliptical Column w/Side Extensions, Lug-On & Die-Cut Header **image showing display before & after deployment

Produced in an eco-friendly, ISO-certified facility, the reusable Lama displays are completely recyclable and can be disposed of in a traditional recycling bin.

Graphics are also litho printed in earth-friendly inks with the same high-quality presses used for retail packaging.

The complexity of traditional merchandising leaves up to 50 percent of in-store displays ordered never used. By contrast, some of Trumari’s customers report that up to 96 percent of Lama displays are correctly deployed.

“Since between 75 to 85 percent of all retail purchase decisions are made in store, having a display that is twice as likely to be set up is a critical element in supporting brands,” Millage added.

Manufactured, shipped and assembled in Seattle, Trumari’s sustainable business practices and delivery methods are helping chart a more environmentally-focused path for the display industry.

Patented by Francois L’Hotel for Marin’s U.S.A., a French-based organization, the Lama was introduced in America in 2011. Since Trumari began selling the displays, it has served national clients and big national brands including Microsoft, Guess, Wilson, Costco, Royal Canin, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Kellogg’s. Marin’s and Lama are registered trademarks and exclusive property of Marin’s International.

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