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The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) announced on March 1 the first Red Diamond Congress in Orlando April 25-27.  Its mission is to bring together senior level exhibit and event professionals from leading companies to help define and shape the future of face-to-face marketing. The two-day conference will produce preliminary measures on how to remedy the exhibition industry from an exhibitor perspective so face-to-face events will continue to be an important part of the overall marketing mix.

The purpose of the Red Diamond Congress is to initiate change by voicing the needs of exhibiting companies to other stakeholders of the exhibition industry such as show organizers, destinations, general contractors, exhibitor appointed contractors, housing companies, and convention centers. Exhibitors have been excluded from many of these discussions and this will be the first arena solely for exhibitors to step up and speak. Tradeshow producers will be invited into the second half of the congress to begin an honest dialogue between the two primary stakeholders of the industry.

This first Congress will focus on three key areas including convention housing practices, independent third-party audits of tradeshow attendance and labor practices.

“TSEA was founded to speak for and represent exhibitors,” said Margit Weisgal, CEO and president of TSEA. “By bringing together the principal customers of the exhibition industry for honest discussions with show producers, that goal will begin to be accomplished. I cannot think of a better way to help our members and all face-to-face marketing professionals than to spotlight their needs. We are here to bring about open discussion, deciphering what makes the most sense for all involved parties, without finger pointing.”

Generous support from organizations including the Orange County Convention Center, Orange County Convention and Tourism Bureau, George P. Johnson, Skyline Exhibits, Exhibit Surveys, Pictura Graphics, Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort have enabled the Red Diamond Congress to become a reality. 

Registration for the Congress is limited but is $199 for members of TSEA. 

To apply to attend the Congress, send email to advocacy@tsea.org or call (312) 842-8732.

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