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For exhibitors, using different types of technology is an absolute must on the show floor. However, these days, simply incorporating a flat screen TV or remote-controlled computer is not enough to catch an attendee’s attention.

People Vision

PeopleVisionFX, who has produced tradeshow projects for the U.S. Army, offers a different kind of experience.

When an exhibiting company decides to incorporate technology into their booth, there is a wide range of services to choose from. These vary from things like digital photography with a green screen, to creating translucent holograms for product demonstrations.

One company that provides a unique technology-based experience for exhibitors is PeopleVisionFX. PeopleVisionFX, who has produced tradeshow projects for companies like NASA and the U.S. Army, serves up a different kind of experience for tradeshow attendees.

“PeopleVisionFX provides special effect technologies in order to create interactive in-booth activities for exhibitors,” said Wayne Sullivant, president, PeopleVisionFX. “These effects include things like the SpokesMannequin, an animated figure whose head is a 3D video projection that captures the likeness, voice and facial expression of any human being, the Anatomical VideoSculpture, which is a life-size human projection that ‘opens’ to reveal various internal organs, and the PhotonOpticon, a hologram-type effect where video images are projected onto a transparent screen.”

With PeopleVisionFX, exhibitors can create learning experiences that are interactive and engaging. And as for generating booth awareness, PeopleVisionFX can develop technologies that are specific to the client, so no two experiences are ever the same.

“The response to our technologies has been overwhelming enthusiasm,” said Sullivant. “They are highly effective at drawing attendees to an exhibitor’s display and are ‘people magnets’ that inevitably attract an attentive audience.”

Inhance Digital

Inhance Digital has created projects such as large-scale multi-touch walls.

However, if an exhibitor is looking for something that leans more toward the video game and graphics side of interactivity, a company like Inhance Digital can create a wide variety of technological experiences to help draw in attendees.

Inhance Digital, which is considered an interactive marketing agency, has created projects such as large-scale multi-touch walls and even the first multi-player game system for tradeshows.

“Inhance works closely with the client to develop the content and creates a technical plan, the system is tested extensively prior to the show,” said Penn Arthur, CEO, Inhance Digital. “Our clients have been using or systems for years and are constantly adding and updating content.”

If an attendee were interested in a booth loaded with an Inhance Digital experience, they might get a chance to play a 3D video game, enter an interactive training application, or watch a detailed video on a product or service.

“The experiences drive traffic to the exhibit and educate attendees about the exhibitor’s products and services,” said Arthur.

Incorporating an Inhance Digital experience does well to draw attendees in too.

“People remember the experience and the messages,” said Arthur. “Attendees have increased the amount of time that they spend in the exhibit – up to 20 or 30 minutes in some cases.”

Another company that uses technology to help its clients generate traffic is Catch the Moment. Catch the Moment, which was founded in 1998, helps exhibitors draw attention by creating a branding experience using photography and a green screen.

“Exhibitors can choose from a wide range of customizable photo and video engagements that create fun and interactivity for consumers while exhibitors glean valuable data for marketing purposes,” said Mike Kramer, national marketing director, Catch the Moment. “As an attendee, you take part in a photo or video engagement and are then redirected to where you can access your photo or video.”

At a booth with Catch the Moment, an attendee would take a photograph in front of a backdrop, only to see it replaced with a unique and customizable image when the photo is retrieved. Using this method means an attendee has a permanent and tangible souvenir from the event.

“We often hear of people who attended a past event that featured a Catch the Moment photo engagement, and years later, they still have that customized, themed keepsake displayed on their desk or on their wall,” said Kramer. “One thing people never throw away is a photo of themselves. That’s why a service like ours is so powerful, especially in a social media world.”

But once the event is over, an exhibitor needs to know whether the attraction was successful in generating buzz.

“Almost every solution we provide for our event planner and marketing agency partners around the country is customized to include a data collection or measurement technique and a way to ignite their social media platforms,” said Kramer. “Everyone wants to provide social media value. We’re able to deliver customer engagements that are measurable across multiple platforms, both physically and digitally.”


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