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Yokohama Unveils New Promotional Videos

Yokohama has become globally known as a premier host city for international conferences and events, and the Yokohama Visitors and Convention Bureau (YCVB) has created an attractive new set of promotional videos for conference organizers and participants.

These videos present the appeal of the city as a meeting destination, and thus, further YCVB’s goal of increasing the number of conferences held as well as the number of conference participants.

Due to the pandemic, conference organizers cannot currently visit in person. In the making of these videos, this was taken into account, as well as the number of conferences presently being held in a hybrid format.

One of the videos takes viewers on a unique, interactive 360° tour, providing a realistic experience of exploring this beautiful city.

The videos highlight the charms of the harbor combined with abundant greenspace which gives Yokohama an invigorating atmosphere.

They also introduce new facilities that opened last year adjacent to PACIFICO Yokohama, including PACIFICO Yokohama North and The Kahala Hotel & Resort. In addition to captivating scenery, the city prides itself on its cleanliness and safety. In the years to come following the pandemic, Yokohama will continue to grow as an appealing MICE destination.

Overview of videos

Title: Yokohama: Japan’s meeting destination

Length: 3’06” / 1’35” / 0’36” (3 videos

Subtitles: English

Description: Highlights the appeal of Yokohama as an ideal MICE destination. The focus is on conference facilities, banquet halls, sustainability initiatives, and the scenic beauty of the harbor.

Link: https://business.yokohamajapan.com/mice/ja/

Title: Learning from the past

Length: 3’45”

Subtitles: English

Description: This video introduces newly opened facilities along with historical spots in the city accompanied by famous lines from Shakespeare. The theme follows the concept of learning from the past to enhance understanding of the present.

Link: https://youtu.be/9D_vmpO-ze0

Title: 360° Yokohama Virtual Tour

Length: 2’46”

Subtitles: English

Description: The viewer is treated to the feeling of being immersed in a 360°, interactive stroll through beautiful Yokohama.

Link: https://youtu.be/tSoBBb1xJfM

Since Japan opened its doors to the world, Yokohama has been the nation’s key entry point for international trade and communications, bringing global perspectives, new ideas and multi-culturalism. The port city has always been recognized for being open to business and to an exchange of expertise through international trade and conventions. For more info, visit https://business.yokohamajapan.com/mice/en/

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