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$300K+ Video Wall Collapses in Las Vegas

Mandalay-Bay-video-wall-collapse-backside-view-Photos of the aftermath of a video wall’s critical failure during its dismantle at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas were posted on Reddit on May 9. While no entity has come forward to officially confirm the mishap, industry professionals estimated the cost of the damage to be in excess of $300,000 with some sources estimating that the damage tops out well over $700,000 in materials alone without adding in the cost of labor required to clean up the likely totaled video wall of LED tiles.

Rumors of the cause of the destruction range from the failure of the motors on the hoists lowering the wall to the critical failure of the supports and cables. At this writing, speculation and rumors are high and substantiated facts are low. On Linked-In, hundreds of comments, many by industry professionals, were posted in a discussion about the catastrophe.


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