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3D Exhibits, a firm that designs, fabricates and manages exhibits and events, engaged with a record number of high-quality contacts by leveraging RFID/NFC technology to create customized experiences for visitors during EXHIBITORLIVE 2015, held March 1-5 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

In the process, it earned the Best Booth Staff Award from the show.

“Our team was really excited to talk to people about what we’re doing and how we create custom solutions that solve our clients’ exhibit marketing challenges. Their enthusiasm showed—and that really moved the judges,” said Nicole Genarella, senior vice president of marketing, 3D Exhibits.

3D Exhibits’ EXHIBIORLIVE presence was part of its larger U3D campaign. The program utilized a microsite to pre-schedule meetings pre-show and an in-booth registration app to qualify and register visitors onsite. Information collected in the registration process included the visitors’ name, favorite color, favorite type of music, and the types of tradeshow and marketing services they were interested in learning more about.

Jeff Bartle of 3D Exhibit helps visitors put on their RFID/NFC wristbands at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015.

Jeff Bartle of 3D Exhibit helps visitors put on their RFID/NFC wristbands at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015.

When visitors arrived onsite, they were checked in at a 10 x 20 exhibit, given a red 3D Exhibits RFID/NFC wristbands loaded with their data and led to a private lounge in a larger 20 x 30 booth across the aisle. At the lounge entrance, the visitor tapped their wristband against a sensor to receive a custom welcome that included their name on a screen, a flash of light in their favorite color and a few bars of their favorite type of music.

Next, visitors were seated in one of three presentation areas where their 3D Exhibits RFID/NFC wristbands were used to launch content pertaining to the areas the visitor had expressed interest in when they registered – presented by 3D Exhibits team members who are expert in those areas. The system included an override for instances when the conversation expanded beyond the original areas of interest.

Its strategy of creating custom experiences for each prospect and only sitting down with qualified prospects reflected a growing trend in tradeshow exhibiting.

“We get very few opportunities to meet prospects face-to-face. So when we do get that opportunity, we maximize the value of the meeting by focusing the discussion on the areas they are interested in,” says Genarella.

For more information, visit 3DExhibits.com or email ngenarella@3DExhibits.com.


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