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Absolute Exhibits GIFT branded holiday drive
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Absolute Exhibits Partners with GIFT Organization for At-Risk Youth

Absolute Exhibits, a premier exhibit design house, is partnering with GIFT, a global nonprofit charitable organization aimed at helping at-risk children. The two are partnering to provide holiday relief to at-risk youth in one of the most desperate and at-risk areas in North America. This holiday season, more than 400 families with more than 200 children will receive the gift of toys, T-shirts, and hope in Tijuana, Mexico, and Los Angeles.

“GIFT believes that prevention is a key component of comprehensive care,” says  GIFT CEO Manna Dabholkar. “Education, access to better healthcare, and creating employment opportunities for the parents are proven ways of developing effective holistic child protection systems. With the help of our donors, volunteers and corporate partners we provide these children a hand up before they find themselves in dire circumstances.”

For more than two years, GIFT and members of Absolute Exhibits have been present in Cartonlandia, a slum that is one of the lowest-income neighborhoods by the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico border. Approximately 400 families live in settlements and shantytowns, often in little more than corrugated iron and zinc sheet shacks lacking access to even the most basic sanitation, clean water, security or clean energy sources. Slums like these are often breeding grounds for crime, sexual and physical violence against children, drugs and trafficking generally packed with one to three families per 400 sq.ft.

Children attend school when sponsored by generous donors and life is extremely hard.  Working parents toil away in factories with low wages, high risk and little access to provide for the dreams their children have such as a new doll, shoes or paints and toy cars.

“Absolute Exhibits is dedicated to a proud tradition of helping others in times of crisis and need,” says CEO Todd Koren. “We have had employees on the ground in Cartonlandia helping just because of the joy it brought not only others, but themselves. We look forward to formalizing this partnership this holiday season to provide these families with a hopeful and joyful holiday season.”

Dedicated to helping others, the staff of Absolute Exhibits hopes to continue their long record of giving hope to families across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico by donating gifts to improve the lives of those who find it difficult to escape the clutches of extreme poverty. Because of their connection to GIFT, which has been working with leaders in the community, such as the World Trade Centre in Tijuana and the local Chamber of Commerce, both organizations are able to make a meaningful impact in this community during the season most known for good will towards all men.

“This is largely why we partner with city, county and state officials”, says Keith Kirkwood, elected official of the Los Angeles City Council and director of humanitarian relief for GIFT. “Through these sponsorships we are able to make measurable impacts upon people’s lives as is evidenced by each child’s smile, and every opportunity these children take to enjoy what we take for granted every day.”

Absolute Exhibits is inviting their clients, friends and family members to donate to the relief efforts in Cartonlandia.  Already present on the ground with GIFT, Absolute Exhibits believes it can make a measurable impact towards helping both at-risk children and their families to improve their lives significantly. This holiday season, families will be able to experience the generosity of others and know what it’s like to play with toys other than discarded trash and ropes hanging from dying trees. It is our hope that together, our organizations can bring hope to those most at risk and a sense of community to others.

To donate toys, clothing, or other much-needed supplies, you can drop them off at the following locations:

Absolute Exhibits HQ: 1382 Valencia Ave., Ste. H, Tustin, CA 92780

Absolute Exhibits Las Vegas: 6620 Escondido Ave., Ste. E&F, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Absolute Exhibits Orlando: 7297 S. Conway Rd., Suite 900, Orlando, FL 32812

You can also donate to the Absolute Exhibits-GIFT Holiday partnership online at  tinyurl.com/gift-ae.

You can mail your checks to GIFT at P.O. Box 5444, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, with the note that you are donating to the AE-GIFT Holiday partnership.

Absolute Exhibits looks forward to spreading a message of hope together and encouraging a new generation to thrive.

Absolute Exhibits is a full-service, turnkey exhibit house that specializes in the design and fabrication of custom exhibits and exhibit rentals for domestic and international tradeshows, corporate showrooms and museums.  With offices in Tustin, Calif.; Las Vegas; Orlando; Bucharest, Romania; London and Wrzburg, Germany, Absolute Exhibits provides global exhibiting capabilities to a wide range of clients.  As a result, they are capable of taking clients to all major convention cities across the U.S., such as Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle, and internationally, including Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.Their ability to offer clients full support throughout their whole exhibition process is their key to success. For more info, visit absoluteexhibits.com.

GIFT is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to helping at-risk children and their families across the globe. GIFT’s mission is to protect children from any risk of physical and emotional abuse, psychosocial distress, sexual harm, exploitation and neglect. They give children a healthy start in life by creating educational programs, access to health care, employment and advocacy opportunities through community engagement. For more info, visit giftorg.us.

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