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Access TCA acquires M2 Creative

accesstsalogoAccess TCA jump-started 2010 with a very strategic move, acquiring M2 Creative, the outcome communications agency, as announced on Feb. 17. Access also acquired M2 Creative’s co-founder and chief creative officer, Bruce Morrow, and his successful Outcome Model.

Mike Yag, Access’ founder and CEO, drove the acquisition earlier this month, after a 15-year partnership with Morrow and M2 Creative. With this move, Yag, an entrepreneur with a reputation for embracing innovation, decisively solidified Access as a marketing front-runner.

The acquisition brings M2 Creative, a boutique communications powerhouse, and its long list of services including content development, marketing consulting, meetings and conferences, multimedia and print and digital communications.

“The timing was right for Access to take a series of steps that will help redefine the industry,” Yag said. “Bruce and I have been working closely for years. It made sense to bring our resources and services together to give our clients even more of what they ask for.”

access1-thumbAccess, known for its trustworthiness and its loyal client base, attributes its 25-year success to a philosophy that places client satisfaction first, whatever it takes. “Bruce and his team are completely aligned with Access’ level of commitment to clients. This was a natural integration,” Yag added.

Yag said he sees the acquisition as a “service enhancer,” not a move away from the company’s brand heritage in exhibit design, building and programming.

“Access will continue to design and build exceptional exhibits,” he said. “Our suite of services and expertise in tradeshow development and programming will remain a cornerstone service. We’re simply adopting a very specific, very successful approach to the way we do things. At the same time, we’re reaping the benefits of a great communications company, its consultative services and Bruce’s creative genius. This was an easy decision for me.”

As chief creative officer, Morrow will be responsible for setting Access’ creative vision, overseeing client-facing teams and delivering consultative services to clients.

After coining the Outcome Model and applying the process with remarkable success for the past several years, Morrow, entrepreneur and long-time industry professional, recently authored the poignant book of the same name. Throughout The Outcome Model, Morrow entertains us into understanding two very important things. First, creativity is a combination of memory connection, discipline, courage and conviction. Moreover, he stresses that any variety of content that begins and ends with an obsession over client solutions will always be successful.

“To use the Outcome Model is to challenge everything we think we know about marketing status quo – our approach, what we offer, even how we deliver it,” Morrow said. “In fact, it’s not about us at all. The process forces us to reverse our thinking from focusing on our success to having an obsession with our clients’ goals. Mike (Yag) and Access have been approaching clients in a similar way for 25 years. I am delighted to be joining forces with Mike to help lead this change.”

Morrow will divide his time between Access’ Boston and Atlanta offices.

For additional information, visit the Access Web site at www.accesstca.com.

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