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ALUSETT/Top Deck Systems, Inc. Acquired by Britten, Inc.

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ALUSETT/Top Deck Systems, Inc., has been acquired by Britten Inc., located in Traversemagda ohanlon alusett City, Mich. Robert Jankowski, president of Alusett/Top Deck Systems and Magda O’Hanlon, vice president, are both retiring.

O’Hanlon (pictured left) says, “We are excited that Britten will continue and expand the Alusett product line. They are a national company that will be able to offer services beyond the Alusett Display System. Check them out at… I know we’re leaving you in good hands.”

Paul Britten Britten IncPaul Britten (pictured right), president of Britten, Inc., says, “We met Magda and Robert at a show in Vegas 20 years ago and have always been impressed by the ingenuity and ease of use of their Alusett system. We’ve been building creative solutions for clients for over 30 years and we look very forward to developing exciting new products and experiences using Alusett and Top Deck Systems as our base tools.”

He adds, “The level of service and kindness that Magda and Robert have built into their company is legendary and we know we have a tough act to follow!”

Alusett/Top Deck Systems Inc, is a modular aluminum structural display system, based in Clinton Township, Mich. Originally engineered in Germany in 1969, Alusett is used worldwide by exhibit builders, store fixture manufactures, museums and commercial interior designers. The flexibility of the system lends itself to many design combinations with the same components. The aluminum finish is a matte satin clear anodize that gives it a very durable surface. The system is assembled using only a 4mm Allen Screwdriver. The connectors are a hammer head design making it one of the strongest structural systems in the industry. Made in the USA, means quality and a fully stocked warehouse for fast delivery. It can be used in many ways, including tradeshow exhibits – including two story “Double Deck” exhibits, showcases, backwalls, traveling exhibits, registration counters and entranceways, nooths and exhibition stands available worldwide, information kiosks, shelving units, etc. For more info, visit

Britten is veteran-owned creative production house dedicated to delivering innovative signage, displays, and event branding solutions that make their customers stand out in a crowd. For 35+ years, they’ve leveraged their state-of-the art design, printing, fabrication and manufacturing capabilities to propel high-impact campaigns and promotional ideas into the world. “Always on time, on strategy, and on budget, we build the stuff that helps people, communities and businesses flourish and prosper.” For more info, visit


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