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Anaheim Convention Center adds pedestrian-friendly meeting space

The Anaheim Convention Center is expanding its outdoor and special event space by 100,000 square feet. The new multi-use venue area, called the Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza, has been strategically planned to provide meeting and event planners and attendees with plenty of open and multi-functional outdoor space that can be used year-round.

Development of the Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza begins in the spring of 2012 and concludes by the end of the year. This vibrant pedestrian plaza will feature lush landscaping, expansive walkways, interesting hardscape designs, dramatic water features and fountains, ample seating areas, special lighting, and infrastructure necessary to support a multitude of special events.

The Grand Plaza will also provide for pedestrian circulation, concession opportunities and recreational event areas. Plans also include street improvements and a dedicated Transportation Plaza area with shuttle pick-up/drop-off areas.

The Grand Plaza will accommodate outdoor exhibits, al fresco dining, receptions and meetings. It will be ideal for networking or just enjoying the sunshine and venue between meeting sessions.

“The Grand Plaza provides us with a new opportunity to let our clients use their imagination and create something spectacular for their attendees,” said Charles Ahlers, president of the Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau. “Our excellent year-round sunny weather is the perfect backdrop for this space. Here groups can dine al fresco, listen to concerts, or attend receptions and exhibitions. The Grand Plaza will provide attendees with a spectacular outdoor meeting and gathering environment like no other. It will enhance our open, campus-like space surrounding the Anaheim Convention Center and the walkability to the adjacent hotels.”

In addition, the space will provide visitors with a stronger sense of arrival as the entrance will be anchored with a dramatic entryway, landscaping and water features designed to reflect and pay homage to Anaheim’s history and its unique Southern California environment.

“The Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza is designed to create a new sense of arrival for guests visiting our resort area, as well as provide us with the flexibility to utilize this attractive outdoor space in a number of ways to accommodate the needs of our clients and local citizens,” said Tom Morton, Convention Center, Sports and Entertainment executive director.

The overall project area will be along Convention Way (the front entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center) between the Hilton Anaheim and the Anaheim Marriott hotels, extending from Hotel Way at the eastern border and then continuing west and curving around to the southeast corner of the ACC’s Exhibit Hall D.


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