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Booth attraction seemed to be a common theme at EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas. ASTOUND Group showed how a barista brewing coffee and cappuccino worked in luring attendees.

Offering coffee in an in-booth lounge, booth staff was able to maximize the amount of time a potential customer can spend in conversation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“We’ve created an inviting atmosphere, one of creating business on the spot. We’ve done that by creating a conduit of hospitality,” said Dale Morgan, president, ASTOUND Group. “We strive to make a trade show exhibit booth about the exhibitor themselves.”

Morgan said the use of the caffeinated beverage gets conversations started.

Throughout the EXHIBITOR2014 show, the hashtag #ihearttradeshows and associated branding was found on T-shirts, coffee cups and mugs sported by booth staff both in the ASTOUND Group booth and walking the trade show floor.

For more information, visit www.astoundgroup.com.

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