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Doing away with oversized event-planning binders with QuickMobile’s new app

Eliminating the need to carry thick binders, which may seem to be surgically attached to enterprise meeting planners who organize many events a year, is QuickMobile’s MobilePlanner, a user-friendly, secure, event planning app available for any mobile platform.

Quickmobile_MobilePlanner_iPhone5Meeting organizers are rarely seen without their event-planning binders. When flying from destination to destination, many of them take their binders with them as carry-on luggage, according to Robin Jones, vice president of marketing at QuickMobile. Losing their binders is such a huge concern that some meeting planners may wish their binders could reside in the plane seat next to them, so it stays in their line of sight – so perhaps, they wouldn’t go that far. Yet, there is no arguing that due to the high stress that comes from organizing events, keeping track of binders is imperative.

“Being a meeting planner is the most stressful job bar none. If you talk to any meeting planner out there, they’re carrying huge binders. [MobilePlanner] wipes out the need for a binder,” said Jones. “Companies running thousands of events need a stable, scalable platform.”

Proving the app’s stability and scalability is MobilePlanner’s test run with a QuickMobile Fortune 50 retail client before the app was brought to the market. The client’s more than 100 event staff used MobilePlanner to organize various meetings a year.

“We refined the app by working with this client who told us what worked and what didn’t,” she explained.

With many event organizers keeping their binders with them at all times, QuickMobile knew it needed to make the app as secure as possible. Itineraries and other confidential documents stored in MobilePlanner are backed up and can be password protected.

“With security, content can’t fall into others’ hands, or if an iPad or other mobile device is stolen, meeting planners can purchase a new one and re-download everything they need,” said Jones.

Built on the QuickMobile platform, MobilePlanner is easy to use for those who have utilized the company’s MobileEvent app, according to Jones.

“Our backend systems are easy to use. I can do it, and I’m not a technical person,” she said. “The app’s content management system is user friendly and allows planners to upload all their documents, contracts and more.”

Quickmobile_MobilePlanner_ipad2Enterprise meeting planners can also upload information about upcoming events and presenters as well as see who checked into an event. An in-app messaging system allows messages to be sent between internal and external groups. If sustainability is important, like Jones said it is to QuickMobile, meeting planners can use the app on any mobile device as a paperless option and message groups about being paperless.

Setting QuickMobile apart from competitors is its longevity and the support it provides its customers, according to Jones.

“Anyone can build a mobile interface. We serve all platforms, and that’s valuable to clients,” she explained. “Also, no one has time to deal with support, so we have 24/7 support globally. It was critical for us to also have multilingual support.”

A large event app company headquartered in Canada, QuickMobile has created more than 1,500 apps since 2009. To learn more about MobilePlanner and the company’s other event app creations, visit www.quickmobile.com.

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