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Book on Hybrid Meetings Released Feb. 2

Emmy winning broadcaster Karin M. Reed and Meetings Scientist Joseph A. Allen PhD. Co-authors of the 2021 bestselling book, Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work, have done it again with their upcoming book, Suddenly Hybrid: Managing The Modern Meeting (Wiley, release date: February 2).

Hybrid meetings involve multiple communication networks: in-person conference room, computer screen, phone, etc. These different ways of being part of a meeting can be challenging for the meeting leader to manage all those different streams. On the flip side, it’s also challenging for meeting attendees who may have a hard time connecting or getting a word in edgewise. It is inherently difficult to manage, or be a part of a successful and productive hybrid meeting, which, in 2022, is the new type of meeting that will only grow in popularity as hybrid work models continue to be the new normal for so many companies and organizations. As 2020’s virtual meetings have given way to hybrid meetings, with some team members in the room and others Zooming in virtually from different locations, new challenges and new opportunities present themselves. In a virtual meeting everyone is in the same situation, using one communication network – their computer screen.

According to Suddenly Hybrid co-author Karin M. Reed, “This book is designed to be an actionable workbook filled with specific strategies, checklists, easily digestible bullet points and practical advice. We wrote it to offer readers a down to earth approach to successful hybrid meetings, backed by science. It’s pragmatic rather than super theoretical.”

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