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carbon footprint
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BPA Worldwide Joins Maritz Global Events Network

Global assurance provider BPA Worldwide’s iCompli Sustainability division announced it has become an official member of the Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Network to provide a custom tool for clients that measures the carbon footprint of an event, and then provides guidance to improve it.

“Maritz Global Events is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business, and we work deliberately to lessen the impact the events industry has on our planet and to positively influence humanity,” explains Rachael Riggs, CMP, DES, Wellbeing Leader at Maritz Global Events. “We understand that events have an impact on the communities in which they are held, and we are committed to supporting our clients and their sustainability plan through industry standards, service offerings and strategic guidance. The BPA iCompli Sustainability team is known around the world as a quality provider of guidance, certification and standards setting in the events industry, and is a great addition to the Wellbeing Network.”

The BPA iCompli Sustainability Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool consists of three phases. During Phase 1 – Discovery & Assessment, participating organizers are educated on the information required to complete the carbon footprint assessment. Phase 2 – Design to Improve the Footprint consists of coordinating with the BPA iCompli Sustainability team to ensure all the organizer’s information is complete and the carbon footprint calculation is provided. Once the report is received, Maritz Global Events analyzes the results and provides recommendations for improvement of the carbon footprint. In Phase 3, Maritz Global Events will work with the organizer to ensure recommendations are implemented effectively and efficiently.

“We are excited to be a part of the Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Network,” notes Glenn Hansen, BPA’s President and CEO. “Our Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool will help organizers better understand the value of a green initiative on our environment and at the same time help set them apart from others in the ultra-competitive events industry.”

The Wellbeing Network is a group of providers who offer unique products and services that align with and promote five Dimensions of Wellbeing to enhance the guest experience, including Environmental Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing, Career Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing. In addition to BPA iCompli Sustainability, other members of the Wellbeing Network include, Soothe, Office Meet Yoga, Young Living and Heka Health.

BPA iCompli Sustainability is a division of BPA Worldwide. Established in 1931, BPA is a not-for profit assurance provider performing over 2,000 annual engagements in over 20 countries each year. Built on its history of assuring advertising data needed by advertisers, agencies and the media industry for the buying and selling of advertising, today BPA verifies compliance to defined government, industry, and organizational standards, as well as adherence to privacy, data protection and sustainability standards. BPA iCompli Sustainability is a trusted resource for independent, third-party certification to leading global sustainability standards. For more info, visit bpaww.com.

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