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Branson Convention Center employees launch green initiatives

Branson Convention Center in Branson, Mo., launched a task force of employees to investigate how the facility could lessen its environmental impact through “green” initiatives. The task force has implemented recommendations with a new sustainability plan following several months of research and planning.

“SMG has a long history worldwide of conducting business with a focus on being environmentally friendly,” said Marc Mulherin, general manager, Branson Convention Center. “When SMG transitioned into the management role with the Convention Center we knew launching this task force would be one of our first priorities.”

Sustainability plan initiatives include several common-thinking ideas like turning off lights when not in the room. Many ways the Center is reducing its environment impact cannot be seen, like using non-toxic chemicals for cleaning or LED light bulbs. One change with a big is the strategic timing of when the escalators are running and the scheduling of the HVAC.

Branson Convention Center employees develop sustainability strategy to save energy, reduce, reuse and recycle.
Branson Convention Center employees develop sustainability strategy to save energy, reduce, reuse and recycle.

“Escalators use a tremendous amount of electricity,” said Mulherin. “By turning off the escalators and slightly lowering or raising temperatures when certain areas are not being used we can really reduce our resource consumption in a significant manner.”

Two other cornerstones to the new sustainability plan are composting and recycling. Almost 75 percent of the waste generated by commercial food operations can be composted. Food waste composting reduces waste disposal costs, conserves landfill space and highlights the commitment the Branson Convention Center is making to being green. The Center now recycles nearly a dozen different materials, everything from paper to light bulbs. Since Sept. 1, the Center has diverted over 900 pounds of glass from landfills.

Along with SMG, its management firm, Branson Convention Center and its staff are committed to raising awareness and taking action to make its facilities throughout the world more environmentally friendly.

The Branson Convention Center, managed by SMG, consists of 113,725 square feet. The center accommodates up to 4,000 attendees in a state-of-the-art lakeside setting. The first floor features a 47,172 square foot exhibit hall as well as a 22,703 square foot ballroom. Twelve meeting rooms, ranging from 1,000 to 5,500 square feet make up the second floor.


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