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Brazil’s capital city bidding to host Expo 2020


Officials for the São Paulo Conventions & Visitors Bureau (SPCVB) were in Paris in June to support the city of São Paulo’s bid to host the Universal Exhibition Expo 2020. The event is seen as being the largest in the world and can last approximately six months in the chosen city.

“The SPCVB and its associates have been engaged in the bid to win this major event for São Paulo,” said Toni Sando, executive president, SPCVB. 

Paris welcomed the Brazilian delegation made up of Vice-President Michel Temer, State Governor Geraldo Alckmin, Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad, Minister of Tourism Gastão Vieira and other well-known representatives and entrepreneurs of Brazil’s tourism industry.

As part of the bid, Portuguese actress and filmmaker Maria de Medeiros showed videos on the city of São Paulo entitled “The Strength of Diversity, Harmony for Growth.” The proposal provides for the construction of an exhibition center in the Pirituba neighborhood in the capital city’s north side.

Competing against São Paulo are Dubai, UAE, Izmir, Turkey, and Yekaterinburg, Russia. The winning city will be announced by the Bureau International des Expositions in November.

The SPCVB is in its 30th year and was the first convention and visitors bureau in South America. A not-for-profit state foundation under private enterprise law, the bureau is maintained by more than 700 associates drawn from all sectors of the São Paulo tourist trade. Its goals are to increase the number of visitors and the length of their stay in the state by promoting, training, attracting, generating and enhancing events.

To achieve this goal, the entity brings together sectors of society in public-private partnerships to boost the volume of business and the consumer market to help the destination with its economic development and improving income and quality of life for its inhabitants. The foundation’s financial resources come from the monthly fees of its associates, from its partnerships and from the optional contributions of room tax for guests in associated hotels.

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