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Breaking Down Booth Elements

A tradeshow gives your business the chance to reach a wide variety of customers, and the right show can explode your business with leads – but you need to make sure you are presenting your company in the best possible way. Making an investment in your booth allows you to make the most of that critical first impression and can improve your show ROI.

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Here are five ways to get better results out of your booth:

  1. Booth Graphics
    I am putting this one at the top of the list. The look of your booth plays a big role in not only how many customers you attract but how your business is perceived. You will earn more trust from buyers with professional graphic design.
    When creating artwork for your booth, you need to make sure you graphics will print clean and crisp and the color is an accurate representation of your brand identity. Always consult with your print provider if you are unsure how well your artwork will print. You will want to do this sooner than later.
    Remember, you only have a few seconds to get your message across to visitors passing your booth, so make sure the message is simple, easy to read and people understand it.
  2. Booth Hardware
    Consider a modular system for your trade show displays. A modular system will allow you to adapt easily for future booth plans. You can expand or contract the system to the size of your new booth space and being able to reuse your same hardware will save you money. Most modular systems accept fabric graphics that can be folded for easy transportation and will reduce your shipping costs.
  3. Booth Staging
    The best graphic design in the world won’t help you if your booth isn’t constructed properly. Make sure you preview your complete booth setup before it ships to the show. The worst place to deal with booth problems is when you are setting up on the show floor. Staging your booth beforehand allows you to address any overlooked details and gives you time to make any last minute adjustments.
  4. Booth Location
    Try to avoid locations that are on the outskirts and that don’t have a big draw; you’ll see fewer people and have less of a chance to make an impression. Also avoid locations next to columns that can obstruct the view of your booth. Booking your space well in advance will give you a better shot at a great spot; it’s well worth the effort to strategize ahead of time and grab the right location for your booth.
  5. Booth Staffing
    Think of the people who staff your booth as your brand ambassadors; they can make or break your show, simply by their interactions with potential clients. Staffing with the right mix of knowledgeable and engaging workers can boost your ROI.

Your booth gives you the opportunity to attract potential customers to your business and with a well designed booth, your potential clients get an image of what dealing with your business is like.

Jeff Peterson is the director of marketing for the visual solutions company Primary Color, a global provider of impactful graphic and display solutions. For more information, visit primarycolor.com
Follow Jeff on Twitter or Instagram @jeffpeterson313

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