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Brightbox Inc., a B2B kiosk technology solutions company, works closely with show organizers, exhibitors and event integrators to provide secure charging solutions for mobile devices. Secure, engaging and interactive, the Brightbox mobile platform is more than a convenient charging service on the show floor.

“We’re in a world where intelligent charging amenities are a ‘must-have’ at events,” said Billy Gridley, CEO, Brightbox. “Your mobile device is your connection to an event and your world; our secure and interactive charging platform offers enhancement and completion of the event experience.”

Tradeshow delegates are often dependent on mobile devices to communicate as well as access event mobile apps. Smartphones in constant use can drain battery power, leaving delegates unable to connect with others during and after show floor hours.

Helping attract, retain and satisfy attendees, Brightbox Mark3 provides a safe and secure charging station for smartphones and larger phablet devices. While recharging their devices, attendees are able to engage with exhibitors with complete peace of mind.

Secure mobile charging stations a priority at events.

Secure mobile charging stations a priority at events.

“Tradeshows create intimate and memorable encounters, and we leverage those interactions,” Gridley explained. “For exhibitors, we draw traffic and facilitate longer face-to-face interactions with attendees. For users, we enable continuous connections and great experiences.”

With nearly half of a staff of 20 working as full-time software developers, the company has developed an intuitive, user-friendly product that protects both the physical mobile device and its internal data as well as engages attendees with a messaging platform.

Using a credit/debit or custom mag-stripe card, users can swipe a card to open an available locker. Proprietary software assigns the card as the unique locker key tied to that select chamber. Once the locker is opened, mobile devices can be connected to a compatible USB micro or Apple cord within to be recharged. To retrieve the mobile device, the same card is swiped to reopen the locker.

At tradeshows, exhibitors and show organizers typically offer the amenity at no cost, but may choose to charge attendees a nominal fee for use. Brightbox’s UL certified, PCI compliant and encrypted financial card processing regime ensures personal financial data is safe.
A major concern for international event organizers is the possibility of an unguarded mobile device being stolen. To protect the mobile device from theft, the Brightbox locker-based kiosk has multiple safeguards built in. In case of a lost card or user error, Brightbox offers connected remote support. Kiosks operate on a 3G/4G wireless or Wi-Fi connected network, allowing customer service representatives to constantly monitor activity.

Brightbox staff is able to review logs to determine the proper owner and can even remotely pop open a chamber when needed. As an optional security measure, an in-unit camera is located above the screen to record all activity.

According to Gridley, Brightbox is also highly devoted to user data privacy. Distinct from other mobile charging stations, its charging cords make a power but no data connection to devices. When a device is plugged in, Brightbox detects the device and delivers the manufacturer’s recommended charge at up to 2.1 amps to recharge at the safest fast rate possible.

A graphical user interface (GUI) screen at the top of the unit can display event or sponsor content. Sponsorship and advertising capabilities, such as video, slideshow, logo, messaging and branding, as well as consumer interactivity in the form of surveys and on-screen sign-up are among the available feature enhancements.

In addition, the color of the chambers can be customized to match company brands and logos. The default setting turns the chamber red when a device is plugged in, and then green once the device is fully recharged, giving users a visual cue of charging status.

The Brightbox platform is connected in real-time and can provide reporting on usage data for various implementations. Among one of the first charging station companies to also offer customized event mobile apps, Brightbox kiosks can be deployed with integrated beacons to provide ROI data including usage heat maps and total impressions.

“We are creating a new level of interactivity between vendor and attendees,” said Joel Martin, director of events, Brightbox. “We can demonstrate and report ROI and thereby experiential impact.”

Future features for further user engagement will include image-posting directly from the in-unit camera and integration with event industry cutting-edge data and interactivity systems.


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