July 14, 2024 2:12 PM
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As the Saw Turns

Random thoughts on aging

The other night I saw an ad on TV sponsored by the AARP.  In the ad, several folks in their 50s to 60s were talking

A Salute to I & D Labor

I am writing this column from my hotel room, directly across from the Anaheim Convention Center in the middle of the day. I can do

The new client/supplier relationship

Here is an interesting side effect of the Great Recession – we have started evaluating our suppliers by how they have handled collections with us.

Perseverance is key

I am writing this on New Year’s weekend. I know you won’t read this until February, but at this moment, the onset of a new

Customers: Who Needs Them?

My son and I walked into our neighborhood big-box hardware store recently. We were working on a home project – running electricity out to a

The Last Supper revisited

A month ago I attended a weekend-long leadership conference with a couple friends. Like many such conferences, the opening session was intended to give attendees

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