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CEL Brings Eurolog to SIL

EUROLOG, the annual Congress of the ELA (European Logistics Association), celebrates its 26th edition on June 6, 7 and 8 in Barcelona; on June 7 it will do so within the framework of SIL Barcelona; and on the 6th and 8th at the DFactory Barcelona facilities, promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, ​​with visits to logistics facilities and ELA Research Day, respectively.

The first edition of EUROLOG was in 2002, also at SIL Barcelona, ​​and now, more than 20 years later and having visited different European cities such as Athens, Bucharest, Milan, Lisbon or Berlin, among others, it returns to its first host, the Leading Trade Fair for Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America, for its 25th anniversary. Thanks to congresses such as EUROLOG, a meeting point is established where the main logistics issues and trends are discussed and analysed.

The ELA, of which CEL (Spanish Logistics Center) is a Founding Member, is a federation made up of 30 European associations and with a reach of more than 50,000 companies, covering almost all the countries of Central and Western Europe, as well as other regions. Its aim is to provide an international forum for the networking, promotion and development of the logistics and supply chain profession.

Paolo Bisogni, president of the ELA, celebrates the holding of the 26th edition of EUROLOG after three years of paralysis due to the pandemic, “EUROLOG has always been a great opportunity for logistics professionals to meet and exchange ideas and practices. By being held in a different location each year, EUROLOG offers the opportunity to combine national themes with broader European ones. In 2002 EUROLOG was organized at the SIL in Barcelona and for ELA it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to repeat it now, on its 25th anniversary. It will be an opportunity to look back on the evolution of the sector in which we have experienced both evolution and disruption and to which European logistics and supply chain professionals have been adapting thanks to technological innovation and professional talent development.”

In the words of Ramón García, managing director of the Centro Español de Logística and ELA board member, “We are at a crucial moment for the redesign of supply chains at a global level; in which Europe must play a very relevant role. For this reason, bringing EUROLOG to Spain with the actors who are participating in this debate is a great opportunity.”

Blanca Sorigué, managing director of Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and SIL, has explained that “Having EUROLOG held within SIL is a great opportunity and excellent news for the entire logistics sector that will put our country in the global spotlight on the supply chain at the beginning of June. SIL has always been characterized by its commitment to its international nature and this year, our 25th anniversary will have the largest congress of the sector in Europe –Eurolog-, the largest congress of logistics operators and freight forwarders in Latin America -ALACAT-, the MedaLogistics Week and the European Conference & European Research Seminar of the CSCMP, all events that will establish and strengthen collaboration ties and business and networking opportunities.”

The Congress will be divided into three days; The first of these, on June 6, will take place at DFactory -Barcelona, ​​the leading hub for the promotion and development of industry 4.0 promoted and managed by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona- there will be a visit by its facilities, in addition to other visits to relevant logistics facilities in the area.

 The second day, within the framework of SIL, on June 7, will bring together experiences and visions on the most current and relevant issues in logistics, presentations by managers of the main European companies and institutions, debates on the economic and environmental impact of logistics strategies implemented by companies, disruptive solutions that are marking the world of logistics and the necessary keys for the development of logistics as a profession and future talent in the face of new challenges.

Finally, EUROLOG will end on June 8, at DFactory, where ELA Research Day will take place, the ELA academic congress, which will bring together logistics researchers from the main universities from all over Europe.

The profile of those attending EUROLOG includes representatives of the member countries of the associations that make up the ELA, senior managers of logistics activity and supply chain management at a European level, as well as leading academics and experts in logistics.

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