CP Centro Pilota Event Services, the Rome-based company specializing in audio-visual solutions for meetings, conferences and events, offered its services to one of the major media events of recent weeks in Italy: the 2019 edition of Atreju, the youth meeting of Fratelli d’Italia.

Among the distinguished guests attending the event Sept. 21-22 on the Tiber Island were: Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary; Jan Zahradil, ECR president, Czech Republic; Thierry Baudet, voor Democratie Forum president, Netherlands; Santiago Abascal, Vox president, Spain; and Giuseppe Conte, prime minister of Italy.

The collaboration between Atreju and CP Centro Pilota began in 2018, when simultaneous translation from English into Italian was required for all participants.

Thanks to that first engagement being carried out smoothly, the press office asked CP Centro Pilota to provide simultaneous translation from and into three languages for Atreju 2019: Hungarian, Spanish and Italian.

To accomplish this mission, it was necessary to provide a digital infrared simultaneous translation system capable of covering up to 1,000 receivers, along with two soundproof booths for the interpreters. The translation signal had to be broadcast beyond the marquee where the main conference was being held to cover the entire island. The Italian channel was delivered in voice-over to the external areas served by relayed video signals on maxi LED walls.

Various challenges were met to achieve the desired result: It was a question of creating a functional and efficient technical setup, following latest health and safety guidelines, that would prove successful given the enormous space to be covered by the digital radiators. It was also necessary to organize and man a distribution point for the large number of receivers that would guarantee the continuity and efficiency of the service, despite the dreadful weather forecasts.

The “winning move” was the teamwork  between the stagehands, the A/V technicians and the many volunteers. Technology also played its part: the Shure digital simultaneous translation system, with redundancy, and five high-power infrared digital radiators, guaranteed the continuity and crisp quality of the translated language signals. Installing raised platforms for the translation booths permitted the interpreters to clearly see the speakers and all media content, considered essential for delivering quality interpretation. Installing radiators also in the distribution area ensured that each participant could verify their headsets before proceeding to the conference area.

Everything was done in just one day thanks to the experience and ability of CP Centro Pilota’s technicians whose roles spanned from installation, to assistance during the event, to dismantling immediately after the event. The success of the distribution point was aided by 10 enthusiastic Atreju volunteers working alongside CP Centro Pilota’s coordinators.

Since 1969, CP Centro Pilota has been offering A/V solutions and technical services for events and conferences in Rome. CP combines years of experience with continually updated equipment and innovative solutions to give a tailored solution to enhance the turnout of each event. CP Centro Pilota provides technological services able to support all conference activities. Employee experience and various industry related certifications ensure professional and successful events. For more info, visit https://www.eventservices.it.



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