July 20, 2024 7:00 AM
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Champion Logistics Group Releases Website Redesign

By Ray Smith, Exhibit City News

Champion Logistics Group rang in the year by launching a new website that serves as a digital storefront and allows potential customers to assess the transportation company’s specialized service offerings.

It shows Champion’s commitment to the tradeshow and live event industries, says C.J. Berg, director of sales and marketing for the Northlake, Ill.-based company. Visitors to the site immediately know that’s the focus of the business.

Champion has undergone a “remarkable transformation” since the company website’s last redesign in 2012, Berg explains. What began as a broad range of transportation services has evolved into highly specialized expertise in niche markets.

“Many logistics companies claim to service these niche markets,” Berg comments in an email to Exhibit City News. “Our new site serves as a valuable resource for clients seeking unparalleled expertise and reinforces our position in the market.”

Champion has tailored its transportation delivery solutions to the needs of tradeshows and live events. The new website accurately represents that unique focus and provides an entry point to Champion’s tradeshow services portal.

It features the company’s transportation, warehouse and fulfillment services; tradeshow, retail, live events and high-value machinery markets; case studies; and an overview of the private family-owned business established in 1980.


Like the old telephone Yellow Pages, websites are crucial in providing business information, an essential advertising tool in today’s metaverse economy. Any business lacking a website is probably losing revenue.

Video content, immersive and easily consumable, has become a powerful tool for showcasing Champion’s tradeshow services, Berg notes. The opening video features Champion’s involvement with CES, HIMMS and RSNA.

“In today’s highly interconnected digital landscape, the strategic integration of social media, video content and a corporate website are critical,” the marketing director adds.

Champion partnered with Clique Studios in Chicago, a longtime vendor, to redesign the new website. Rather than looking at websites of other logistics companies, Champion turned to its existing client base for creative input.

“Each client interaction becomes a source of inspiration and provides information on how best to showcase our expertise,” Berg elaborates on the website’s features. “By understanding our clients’ needs and challenges, Champion gained invaluable insights that shaped the design, content and functionality of the site.”

See for yourself at https://www.champlog.com/

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