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Focused on fashion retail business in China, tradeshows CHIC Shanghai and Euroshop have set sights on solutions and trends within the industry.
In 2015, EuroShop will celebrate the launch of Chin’a International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail (C-star) on Chinese soil. CHIC Shanghai will present C-Star March 18-20 prior to EuroShop.

As the world’s second largest consumer market, China records a continuous growth of shopping malls with the development of second- and third-tier cities. The stationary retail business faces enormous challenges, however, as e-commerce continues to develop as the biggest competitor.

This results in a new demand for a creative change of the point of sales and their concepts. Experience shopping characterizes the new type of stimulating areas, animating scenarios, imaginative lifestyle worlds and of the presentation of unique product ranges, which all require attractive design.

The cooperation will use the synergies of both fairs to interface between both shows. Chinese fashion retail trade participants who meet at CHIC will find C-Star exactly what they need to present their brand creatively and to attract the customer’s attention. Measures will include hard and software solutions for the perfectly constructed store as well as individual omni-channel solutions.



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