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Classic Exhibits and On The Move (OTM) partnered to manufacture and design a new line of portable furniture.

NEO is a line of portable, brandable furniture specifically designed for the tradeshow and event industry. Unlike traditional furniture options, the NEO line is modular, lightweight and designed to pack efficiently for storage and transport. Its intuitive design allows it to be assembled in minutes without tools.

“As an exhibit designer for over 25 years, I’ve always found good furniture rental solutions to be a challenge. For the exhibitor, renting can be expensive, owning and shipping traditional furniture is impractical, and while folding and stacking options are efficient, they lack aesthetic appeal,” said Tom Werner, president, OTM.

Renting furniture is expensive and often shows wear from transportation and use. Purchasing and shipping traditional home or office furniture components is inefficient. With no way to fold, stack or nest together, they require large shipping containers to store and are prone to damage in transport.

Folding and stacking furniture, while efficient for transport and storage, lacks aesthetic appeal. In addition, most of these options are for a lower chair height. The best seating solutions allow someone seated to stay at the same eye-level as someone standing. Lastly, none of these allow a simple, cost-effective way to personalize, stylize or brand like most other elements in the exhibit space.

“As a long-time customer of Classic Exhibits,” said Werner, “I know their commitment to quality and on-time delivery. Classic Exhibits was the clear choice as a partner for the manufacturing of this product. We are excited to be working with them.”

The OTM NEO line is available through the Classic Exhibits Distributor Network or by contacting On The Move, Inc. See the NEO line at EXHIBITOR2014 in the Classic Exhibits booth or review on the New Product Showcase page of the EXHIBITOR website.

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