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Oftentimes, managing an event can cause frustration for tradeshow organizers, as data typically must be compiled from many sources to get a snapshot of how a show is performing. That’s why CompuSystems Inc. (CSI) has introduced the ConnectME Dashboard. Developed expressly for tradeshow organizers and designed as a multi-functioning platform for viewing and analyzing critical show data — all an event’s important statistics can now be surveyed at a glance.

In addition to providing reliable event data in an easy to read format, the ConnectME Dashboard equips an organizer with a registration geographic breakdown, a calendar of critical show dates and an event countdown by day. Furthermore, the dashboard makes available:

  • A communication center, where organizers can send messages direct to the CSI-provided attendee and exhibitor mobile apps and registration dashboards.
  • Important show statistics at a glance — such as registration and attendance counts, exhibiting companies not yet registered and pending qualifications.
  • A historical comparison of the number of registrants in weekly increments from the show start date, comparing the current year with a previous year’s show.
  • A listing of sessions and the percentage sold, as well as a listing of sold-out sessions.

The ConnectME Dashboard makes it convenient for organizers to stay abreast of show trends and data and maintain communication with their registrants.

“It’s more important than ever for a show organizer to have the tools they need to manage their event right at their fingertips,” said Chris Williams, CSI’s senior vice president. “CompuSystems is the first registration company to develop a user-friendly dashboard specifically for the organizer that also works direct with attendee and exhibitor registration dashboards and the show’s mobile apps, with information able to move between platforms in real-time, effectively putting all the pieces in place for a show’s success.”

CSI plans to continue to update the ConnectME Dashboard, evolving the product with the changing needs of the marketplace.

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