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Designing graphics best served branded and maximally exposed, Corporate Communications Inc.’s (CorpCom) custom visual menu allows its clients to pick and choose how they’d like to enjoy their sporting event décor.

If CorpCom’s clients want their graphics relevant, consistent and appealing, this visual menu helps clients learn if their ideas will work, what won’t work and how a graphic’s placement at a sporting venue could build foot traffic. They can also review the visual menu to see if their expectations are met, and if not, according to Event Graphic Marketing Strategist Marc Steir, CorpCom gives advice to solve the problem and then executes its plan.

“We start every sporting event décor process by taking pictures at each event site prior to the event, which we bring back with our notes to create virtual mock ups of how graphics may look in various positions and locations within a venue,” explained Steir. “Essentially, we create a visual menu for the client to review and then select what they are looking for. We provide options for graphics, so the client has choices. Once we grasp what the client likes and doesn’t like, the process picks up pace.”

Corporate Communications sporting events decor_Davis Cup 2013Providing sporting event décor since almost the beginning of CorpCom in 1986, the company has enhanced the appearance and brand exposure of United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) events, including the 2008 U.S. Open, the Boston Marathon and the Ryder Cup. CorpCom also did sporting event décor for football, golf and charitable events in its native Massachusetts.

For each of these events, CorpCom’s design team initially scouted venues to determine the best areas for decorations, furnishings and graphics as part of its sporting event décor process, which overall takes one to two months.

“Within this time period, we map out all of our ideas for the client to review, and following decisions, we design and print all of the materials that will be used,” said Steir. “During the last few weeks, we head to the venue to install and set up the pre-planned décor items. The more time we have, the better; however, we have proven ourselves to be able to accommodate even tighter deadlines.”

On location, CorpCom installs graphics in order of importance. This means setting up its transportation, front entrance and outdoor graphics to increase event exposure.

“We want to help promote the event as far in advance as possible. By installing these graphics first, we can set up knowing that passersby, media and locals know what is going on at their arena, getting people excited and enticed to find out more,” Steir explained. “We then work with indoor graphics. Once everything is in place, we stand by through the event should our assistance be needed.”

ECN 112013_Corporate Communications sporting events decor_Davis Cup 2013_indoor large-scale graphics_JacksonvilleDue to the relationship it established with the United States Tennis Association, a national governing body that promotes tennis, CorpCom regularly does sporting event decor for many of the association’s divisions, including USTA Junior Team Tennis and USTA Team Events, such as the Davis Cup and Fed Cup.

“It comes down to the success of the Davis and Fed Cup teams at each event. Should they advance to the next round, we usually follow suit to help at the next venue,” said Steir. “A good season means three to four events for USTA Team Events and several Campus Championship, Junior Team Tennis and local sporting events through[out] a single year.”

CorpCom’s sporting event décor staff can also take on tradeshow exhibit services when needed.

“The two services have similarities to one another in that we accommodate clients’ needs to help enhance their appearance and brand exposure at a particular event,” said Steir. “Our tradeshow expertise merges with our event décor skillset when we add structures or display units into a décor plan for a graphic display at a tennis venue.”

Whether it’s a tradeshow or tennis match, CorpCom has implemented sustainability measures after past events. When working with priorLIFE, a promoter of recycling large-scale event banners into earth-friendly products, CorpCom’s banners were made into tote bags and given to event attendees and volunteers. The company has also reused banners for events occurring in the same year.

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