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cyclonixCyclonix Inc., a brand engagement agency, has kicked off a brand refresh with the launch of a new website built entirely on Pinterest. Clients and visitors can still access Cyclonix at www.Cyclonix.com, but a new landing page will direct users to Pinterest.

Cyclonix turned to Pinterest because of the site’s visual nature. Site users are invited to explore recent projects, follow company news and “repin” content.

“With its intuitive design and graphic appeal, Pinterest emerged as an ideal platform for our relaunch,” said Peter Gallagher, chief creative officer, Cyclonix.

Though Cyclonix anticipates that the new site will be received with renewed energy and enthusiasm, the decision to curate content on a third-party platform doesn’t come without risk.

“It’s an experiment of sorts, but Pinterest presents unique opportunities for content sharing and connecting in the social web that our traditional website simply didn’t offer,” said Emily Papp, visual strategist, Cyclonix.

Papp also said that this represents tremendous potential for clients. Pinterest enables the creation of campaign or event-specific micro-sites for a fraction of what traditional websites cost — and in a fraction of the time. “It’s likely that Pinterest-based sites will quickly become a key event marketing tool,” said Papp.

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