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Czarnowski’s idea shapers, the company’s team of creative and design strategists, interacted with HCEA attendees inside the Czarnowski exhibit to share their unique perspective on what’s next in face-to-face marketing. Idea shaping conversations and an interactive personality test provided attendees with insight into their personal strengths in achieving what’s ahead for their company’s program.

Marketers who visited booth 511 gained insights on how vision and value can work together to make their program more personal, memorable, measurable, and achieve better results. Visitors interacted with next-level technology and experienced how it can be applied to elevate customer engagement on the show floor. Participants also received a customized Value + Vision iPhoto Book following the show.

In addition, Tom Frisby, lead idea shaper for Czarnowski, partnered with Christine DiDomenico, assistant director of marketing and conventions for Purdue Pharma, for an educational session.  Frisby and DiDomenico presented “New Meaningful Encounters: How Purdue Pharma is increasing the quality of interactions within its exhibits.”

Czarnowski believes that the future of our industry is being shaped right now by people with the vision to see things differently and the courage to make meaningful change happen.

“The experience we’re creating at HCEA allows attendees to be a part of what’s next,” says Janine Makar, director of marketing for Czarnowski.

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