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Recently, Derse, a complete face-to-face marketing agency, announced a donation of $10,000 to the Aidmatrix Foundation. Derse donated $5,000 directly to Aidmatrix and $5,000 indirectly through the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association Foundation (EDPAF), which has recently formed an alliance with Aidmatrix.

“As a proud sponsor of Aidmatrix, Derse has seen the substantial impact of the Aidmatrix Network on relief efforts across the globe,” said Bill Haney, CEO of Derse.  “We applaud EDPAF’s efforts and their decision to support Aidmatrix as the nonprofit organization of the events industry and encourage other’s to do so as well.”

A $5,000 donation to Aidmatrix can provide 15,000 meals to those in need via an efficient network of food manufacturers and food banks; establish up to three temporary Aidmatrix emergency portals for relief agencies in times of disaster, such as with the recent devastating Haitian and Chilean earthquakes and enable nearly 150,000 pounds of food to be moved to food banks through a discounted transportation system. The donation also can facilitate the purchase of needed medical supplies for free clinics across the U.S. For example, 500 vials of diabetic strips could be provided to a free clinic to help treat a typical condition of patients. Before the Aidmatrix system was in place to help the free clinics, this purchase could have cost as much as $22,500.

Derse chose to reinforce its EXHIBITOR2010 campaign message – Challenge Convention – by donating funds on behalf of each client attending Derse’s Annual Client Appreciation Event held at EXHIBITOR2010 in Las Vegas on March 15 in lieu of traditional giveaways.

“Derse’s involvement and donations both in time and funding have provided Aidmatrix with valuable resources to aid in  disaster relief  following the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile as well as ongoing relief for hunger, medical and humanitarian development,” said Scott McCallum, Aidmatrix CEO and former Wisconsin governor. “We are honored to receive support from EDPA and other exhibit industry professionals and sincerely appreciate Derse’s continued generosity.”

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