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Disability Expo Appoints Brightelm

(Rob Eveleigh from Brightelm will head the team working on the inaugural Disability Expo in Wales.)

The Accessibility Group will host the initial Disability Expo Sept. 6-7 at The ICC Wales in Newport.  The event, which is expected to attract more than 5,000 trade and consumer visitors, will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain knowledge, experience inspiring innovations and have fun.

To maximize the event’s commercial potential, organizers Leighton Morris and Sara Flay from The Accessibility Group have appointed Brightelm to deliver sponsorship and exhibition sales. Led by Managing Director Rob Eveleigh, the Brightelm team will focus on finding and delivering a host of exhibitors as well as sponsorship deals ranging from transport providers to commercial partners looking to highlight their offering to the event’s wide-ranging audience.

The event, which is the first of its kind in Wales, is making use of the ICC’s industry-leading accessibility to provide a truly open forum for disabled people, caregivers, families, the trade and anyone interested to gather, share ideas and see the latest products and services available.

“We wanted to create an event for disabled people that is organized by disabled people, with a true understanding of the market and the needs of attendees,” says Leighton Morris, chief executive officer of the Accessibility Group. “Other similar events exist but they have become too commercial in their outlook and have lost their appeal to much of their audience. We want to create a space where people can ask questions, find answers and be educated on genuinely life changing topics – whether it is the latest technology, a new service or something as simple as a government grant that they were unaware of. Disability is a huge topic, with many of the most serious conditions invisible to the eye, as such there is much to learn and this event will be the perfect platform to achieve that.”

The Accessibility Group selected Brightelm as a commercial partner based on the company’s professionalism and approachability: “Rob sold his services to us as we would expect him to sell to our exhibitors and sponsors,” Morris says. “It was about relationship building, a long-term approach and a desire to create a partnership rather than a client-supplier relationship.”

Eveleigh adds, “Brightelm is just a year old, yet we have already won one award and been shortlisted for a second. Winning the Disability Expo is a real coup for us. Whilst we were initially engaged to focus on the sponsorship, it is exciting to have our remit expanded to cover the exhibition space as there is so much crossover and synergy between the two.”

The Accessibility Group lept into the world of disability in 2018 and quickly set out to help people and organizations overcome the barriers they face to accessing information, products and services relating to disability. For more info, visit https://theag.uk/.



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