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Starting in July, Echelon Design Inc. a design and brand communications firm, will begin a year-long series of monthly podcasts called “12 for 12.”

Each month, a 12-minute podcast covering cutting edge issues related to design, architectural, multimedia and visual communications for tradeshows, corporate environments and museums will be made available via Echelon’s website, through iTunes and by way of various other communications platforms.

These short podcasts will be informative, engaging and will only require a few minutes of a listener’s time.  The “12 for 12″ podcasts can be listened to in the car, on a plane, at the gym or even at a lunch and learn.

The “12 for 12” podcasts will be hosted by Adam Voss and feature expert guests and contributors. Voss, a noted emcee and host in the Chicago area, has been involved with thought leadership podcasts for a number of world-class organizations.

The inaugural “12 for 12” podcast in July is titled “Lighting and Human Application.” Areas covered in this segment include color rendering index and perception, lasting impressions and using light to evoke interest, mood and focus.

Two other podcasts are scheduled for summer of 2014 release and will cover; “Sustainability – Good for Life/Good for Business” and “Proxemics – Human Reactions to Environments.”

Episode content can be found directly at www.echelondesigninc.com/news-and- media/12for-12.


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