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EDPA Advocacy Urgent Request – Your Action Is Needed

The Experiential Designer & Producers Association is calling on its members for help in contacting congressional offices. EDPA recently sent a joint letter to Congress urging the expansion of Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program. They also got the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance, the Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Association, the National Trade Show Alliance, the Painters Union and the Carpenters Union to sign on to the letter.

EDPA asks members to send emails to their senators with the copy below and the EDPA joint letter attached. The joint letter can be found here. Find your representative’s contact info here.

Good afternoon,

I am reaching out on behalf of the Experiential Designer & Producers Association (EDPA) representing small businesses across the country who are critical to managing live events, but are not currently eligible for the Shuttered Venues Grant Program.

Our hundreds of small businesses across the country design exhibits, build booths, provide products and services and organize all of the logistics for 9,400 trade shows and business events every year in the US.  Although our companies have been shut down for more than a year along with the live events we support, we are not eligible for Shuttered Venues Grants.

In the attached letter, we are asking for an expansion of the Shuttered Venue Grant Program to include business events and their suppliers.

During normal times, our small businesses are a vital part of the economy:

  • We employ 2.8 million people.
  • The trade shows we manage support 6.6 million jobs.
  • We contribute $101 billion to the economy.

I am attaching a letter from our association. I hope that you will support expanding the Shuttered Venues Grant Program to include us.

Founded in 1954, The Experiential Designers and Producers Association is recognized internationally and serves thousands of professional members representing more than 300 corporations across 18 countries. Each year, the EDPA drives industry education programs and professional networking events through its regional chapters. They also bring together members and thought-leaders from around the world to ACCESS, the only industry association meeting and event of its kind. ACCESS provides a platform for prospective EDPA members and members alike to share and engage in programs and play at a professional conference unlike any other. For more info, visit www.EDPA.com

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