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Exhibit industry launches new products

Over the last few months, tradeshow and exhibition companies have introduced a number of new products and services to the industry. This merchandise ranges from survey and poll technology to hard wall pipe and drape replacements.

QuickMobile survey and poll tools deliver real-time audience feedback
QuickMobile, a developer of mobile solutions that amplify audience engagement at meetings and events, is capturing event attendee feedback faster and easier with new mobile survey and polls solutions in its mobile event apps. The new tools, offered as part of QuickMobile’s advanced content management system, allow users to create a variety of multi-question fully branded surveys and quick-response polls that are delivered to attendees’ mobile devices. Attendees’ responses are captured through the device and are available to meeting organizers and marketers, as well as presenters, in real-time.

“Our surveys and polls solutions are fully branded to match the meeting or event look and feel, and help reduce costs by eliminating paper-based surveys and the need to acquire audience response systems,” said Patrick Payne, president and CEO of QuickMobile.

Premium Backlit LED Light Box makes flexibility a reality in display designStylmark
To help companies harness leading-edge technology to brilliantly convey their brands and attract and influence customers, Stylmark introduces the Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box, one of the brightest light box displays with versatility for custom applications.

An alternative to backlit fluorescent and edgelit LED light boxes, the Optima 1000 LED combines the best aspects of each technology for a more vivid and consistent display of branded graphics. Its premium light source contains a panel of LEDs, ensuring all graphic sizes are evenly lit and illumination is uniformly diffuse without hot spots or visible emitters. Measuring more than 1,000 foot-candles, the Optima 1000 LED is brighter than many backlit fluorescent light boxes while providing the benefits of LED technology: lower power consumption, longer lifespan and fewer failure points.

Hill & PartnersHill & Partners introduces modular tradeshow displays
Designed with cost-effectiveness, lightweight and convenience in mind, the Hill & Partners modular line was created for 10-by-10 and 10-by-20 tradeshow exhibit booths, offering inline solutions in addition to pop-ups and accessories.

The Hill & Partners modular solutions provide a quick turnaround for sensitive timeframes.  The compact components are easy to assemble and tear down, and with more than 1,000 configurations, can offer a virtually unlimited number of design options.

Hill & Partners will tailor all modular tradeshow displays to meet the specific solutions of customers.  While the modular displays can be used time and again, customized messaging provides the modular solutions with a fresh appearance at each tradeshow.

NexxtShow introduces Nextwall to replace pipe and drapeNexxtwall
NexxtShow has announced the launch of NextWall, a modular European-style hard wall system designed to replace pipe and drape as the industry standard for partitioning exhibit booth space on the tradeshow floor.

NextWall is the industry’s first hard panel wall system available as a full-scale replacement to pipe and drape at no additional charge to show managers and can reduce booth and shipping costs for exhibitors while still giving them a custom-looking exhibit.

NextWall is made of rigid, interlocking lightweight plastic panels that are easy to assemble and break down, and are available in a wide range of color options to match the look of any tradeshow or meeting. In addition, exhibitors have the option to purchase custom panels imprinted with their company or product logos, images, graphics and messaging to create a branded booth design at significant cost savings.

New pennant system available for all events
From weddings, fairs and festivals to games, graduations and conventions, event planners and coordinators are adding excitement to special events with the Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System, offered by Consort Display Group.

With a fiberglass pole and a 15-foot long or 8-foot long nylon pennant, it offers the industry’s only non-tangling, swiveling “yoke” bracket, which attaches pennants, which unpredictably “dance” in the wind.

With 15 standard pennant colors, 23 custom colors, 12 color pairs, and four pole heights from 12 to 22 feet tall, decorative color schemes and themes are easy to match.

The Dori Pole 19-foot, three-piece pole and the Junior version can be shipped by UPS or FedEx, which is unique for poles and pennants of its size.  Dori Poles are manufactured in Michigan.

ExpoDisplays’ MultiQuad system enhances environmental friendliness
MultiQuad exhibit owners now have another reason to love the eco-friendly exhibit system with the launch of new environmentally friendly Quads. Quads are precision cut panels that attach to the MultiQuad frames to create the finished MultiQuad product. The new Quads are constructed from 80 percent recycled material.

The material change impacts all Quad sizes and is in effect immediately. Although the new Quad material comes at a higher cost to ExpoDisplays, the existing pricing structure will not change.

Constructed of lightweight recyclable aluminum framework, the MultiQuad exhibit system helps exhibit owners save on shipping and show-service expenses, while helping to minimize the impact tradeshow exhibitors have on the environment.

ExhibitForce introduces MEDIA STATION for sales leads
Maximizing the power of cloud technology, ExhibitForce has announced MEDIA STATION, a new tool for tradeshow exhibitors to capture real-time lead data while providing booth visitors with instant access to rich digital media.

Combining the power of an interactive, digital media/literature touch screen station with custom measurement and analytics, MEDIA STATION engages booth visitors and lets them drive the experience, selecting the exact product literature and media information that they want, delivered instantaneously to their e-mail and mobile devices. Exhibitors have more time to engage and interact, resulting in deeper and more meaningful connections.

With MEDIA STATION, exhibitors can create custom surveys to deliver specific digital media content, direct to their booth visitor’s e-mail. With the paperless delivery of digital content, exhibit managers and booth staffers can engage and captivate attendees, with an interactive, real-time touch screen. MEDIA STATION can integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce.com, with show site viewing of dynamic real-time data and analytics in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

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