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Exhibiting in Peru: Llama or Lima?


The Barranco District is home to many of Peru’s leading artists, musicians, designers and photographers.

Welcome to amazing Peru. From the famous Machu Picchu to uncovering one of the many ethnicities that make up the Peruvian civilization, you’ll never lack for something new to experience.

Lima, probably the most well-known area of Peru, is situated right on the ocean. It is also home to most Peruvian tradeshows. When you arrive, you’ll notice the airport is much smaller than one would imagine and very easy to navigate. One thing to watch for is that the airport personnel will remove your baggage and put it into separate piles around the baggage carousel. If you get there and see bags surrounding it, check there first before waiting and watching other’s luggage go around and around! If you have status on an airline, they will have a sign denoting where your bag is placed.

It is best if you arrange a pick-up at the airport ahead of time. Do not, under any circumstances, take a taxi from a person courting you in the airport. You will get scammed. Arrange for a taxi through your hotel or a private car. I have contact info if you need it! A private driver will run about 50 Soles from the airport to a hotel – flat rate. The conversion is approximately 2.6 Soles per USD.

Safety is a concern in Peru. Never take a city taxi as a tourist. Especially if you are woman, do not walk around the city alone. Pickpockets are prevalent, especially in the Indian and Incan shopping markets. Hold on to your purse and wallet and keep a credit card, cash and ID safe at the hotel, just in case.


Painting and even the laying of laminate can be done on the show floor in Peru.

Most tradeshows are on the smaller side and held in hotels. The big shows, like the auto show, are held at a larger convention center called the Mega Plaza. There is also the Centro de Convenciones Jockey Plaza.

There is a wide range of quality and building practices in Peru. You will see many stands built to a Mexico-type standard. But there are builders that can, and will, build to the American standard. You will need to stay on your building crew as often times, like in Mexico, the stand will not be complete by the time the show opens.

For a good builder, they wire electrical as you would see in your home. You actually have a nice wall switch to turn on the lights and outlets in the wall too. This takes a bit more time, but the finished product is wonderful.

They do pre-build many components of the stand beforehand, as you would see in the United States. But I also have seen painting and even the laying of laminate done on the show floor. Again, this will vary greatly depending on your builder.

My biggest advice on construction and install is to be prepared for a long setup, even with a good builder. If they are good, they pay attention to caulking the seams between panels and take longer on electrical. If they are average, they start late and run long.

Now, if you have time for some sightseeing, even just an afternoon, must-sees sites are Central Lima, the Miraflores District, the Barranco District and the San Isidro District. You can see all of this, quickly, in about six or seven hours. If you have more time, head to Machu Picchu and stay a couple nights.

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