July 14, 2024 1:48 PM
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Expo Convention Contractors, Inc. Acquires ASI Displays

Establishes Presence in Orlando and Las Vegas

submitted by Richard P. Curran, CEO & President, Expo Convention Contractors, Inc.


Orlando, FL & Las Vegas, NV –  Expo Convention Contractors, Inc. (ECCI), a leading provider of tradeshow and event services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ASI Displays, a prominent company specializing in display solutions. This strategic acquisition marks ECCI’s expansion into both the Orlando and Las Vegas markets, enhancing its ability to serve clients with innovative and comprehensive event solutions.

The acquisition of ASI Displays aligns with ECCI’s growth strategy, allowing the company to leverage ASI Displays’ established presence and expertise in these key regions. By integrating ASI Displays’ capabilities with ECCI’s extensive range of services, the company aims to deliver enhanced value to clients, exhibitors, and event organizers.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • Strategic Expansion: Establishing strong presences in Orlando and Las Vegas, two of the nation’s top destinations for trade shows and conventions.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: Combining ECC’s extensive event service offerings with ASI Displays’ specialized display solutions to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience for clients.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Maintaining a focus on delivering high-quality, innovative, and customized event solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients in both markets and beyond.

ECCI’s CEO, Richard P. Curran, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome ASI Displays to the EXPO family. This acquisition not only expands our geographic footprint but also strengthens our ability to offer top-tier services and solutions to our clients. Orlando and Las Vegas are vibrant and dynamic markets, and we are excited to contribute to their growth and success.”

ASI Displays’ current clients can expect a smooth transition and continued exceptional service. The integration of ASI Displays into ECCI’s operations will be executed with a focus on maintaining the high standards and personalized service that clients have come to expect.

ECCI is dedicated to supporting the growth of the Orlando and Las Vegas convention and trade show industries. The company plans to invest in local talent, infrastructure, and resources to further enhance its service offerings and contribute to the local economies.


About Expo Convention Contractors, Inc.

Expo Convention Contractors, Inc. (ECCI) is a leading provider of trade show and event services, offering a wide range of solutions including exhibit design and construction, logistics, and overall trade show organizer needs. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, ECCI has established itself as a trusted partner for clients across various industries.

About ASI Displays

ASI Displays is a respected company specializing in display solutions for trade shows, conventions, and events. With a reputation for creativity and quality, ASI Displays has been a trusted provider for clients seeking impactful and effective display solutions.

  • Superior Logistics

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