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ForestNation helps companies become socially responsible through tree growing


Offering a solution to satisfy a company’s marketing needs at tradeshows while respecting what employees and clients want regarding corporate social responsibility, ForestNation along with British musician Julian Lennon partnered to encourage tree growing.

ecn_072013_grn_co-branded-tree-kits_forestnation“ForestNation tree-growing kits are a socially responsible way to meet your clients for the first time,” said Andrew Pothecary, ambassador, ForestNation. “It’s wonderful to be given a tree kit. They will remember your company for gifting it to them, every day they care for their tree.”

Through the use of its branded biodegradable tree kits, a plastic orb filled with the necessary growing ingredients, ForestNation promotes tree growing as an activity that can be integrated as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility strategy while making a positive impact on the planet.

“Imagine ForestNation – Imagine a world where everyone grows their own tree,” said Julian Lennon, ambassador, ForestNation.

ForestNation plants trees in developing countries as part of bigger reforestation efforts for each tree kit that is bought. As a tradeshow giveaway, Syncrude Canada, a large oil producer, bought 8,000 tree-growing kits, so ForestNation planted 8,000 more. Buyers can choose where the tree is planted, with some now growing as far as Kenya and Ethiopia. No matter the region, ForestNation researches trees that grow well in different climates.


Syncrude Canada staff

There’s a unique code inside each tree kit, so recipients can register their tree as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility campaign, and they can also name their tree, post photos and share it online.

By companies asking the recipients of tree kits to “Promise to Plant,” they can keep track of their corporate social responsibility campaign. ForestNation provides a Web form, landing page and customized email follow-ups to nurture leads while encouraging tree growing.  Companies can also export their list and see detailed reports of their campaign.

As an adaptable campaign, professionals involved in tradeshows, retail, employee workshops, green events and more can gift tree kits and ask recipients to plant them.


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