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Fresh Wata introduces newly designed studio and showroom

Creativity Flows at Fresh Wata

In the last few months especially, Fresh Wata has been busily developing its new 5,000 square-foot, multi-themed showroom in Las Vegas.

Ever since the company purchased a more than $5 million events studio a year ago, it has had one of the most transformative years yet. The nearly 100,000 square-foot industrialized facility, which includes the showroom, offices and a warehouse, has provided needed space for all of Fresh Wata’s departments.

Any little bit of free time the company’s more than 20 employees had was spent brainstorming creative design and furnishings ideas for the overall studio. Unlike when serving its clients, Fresh Wata’s staff of designers, producers and installers didn’t have to worry about meeting deadlines.

Fresh Wata's new Las Vegas facility.
Fresh Wata’s new Las Vegas facility.

“Our passion for design extends from modern to playful, industrial to sophisticated and everything in between. We love design, color and materials, so it was hard to pick a look. We honestly just went for it and made decisions that were quick and I guess became our style,” explained Tricia Costello, CEO, Fresh Wata.

With all hands on deck, concept was brought to reality inside the events studio. Additionally, the multi-themed showroom demonstrates what Fresh Wata can do for its clients.

“We just started playing and having fun with the space. It’s pretty raw, exposed duct work, exposed copper, metal rusted walls, distressed wood [and] then a colorful floor that flows into 25-foot matching wall,” she said. “We have been saving spray paint cans for about a year now, so we are recycling them into a sculpture piece. I’m sure we will also do some sort of black and white section too and hopefully work in a vintage theme.”

So far, the showroom includes a variety of themed spaces designed to spark innovation. This includes a New York Loft Vignette, a Campy Dinner Party with a Teepee, a Retro Beach Bachelor Pad and an all-white Cyc Wall, according to Costello.

“We wanted a workspace that would inspire us to push the limits, dream big and lead to more inventive ideas. At [Fresh Wata], the creativity is constantly flowing, and our new studio and workspace triggers exploration of ideas. The new 5,000 square-foot showroom is sure to inspire all visitors,” she stated.

Overall, Fresh Wata’s expanded facility has continued to allow the company to be at the center of driving change in and outside of its walls.

No, the company didn’t start off as a moth eager to spread its wings as a butterfly. Although after it was founded in 1999, Fresh Wata did approach events and other projects with a similar goal in mind upon noting changes in the exhibit & event industry.

“Corporations were looking for more stylized events with full customization to help them stand out. Gone were the days with Chiavari chairs and printed banners, and we began to use fabrics, specialty furniture and our vast resources for unique entertainment and activations to set new standards. We spent time on the smallest details and happy clients motivated us to continue,” commented Costello.

These excited clients helped drive Fresh Wata’s growth. With this came demand from customers for a variety of services that the company had the chops to fulfill.

“As the business grew, we began focusing on fabricating exhibits, which required more space for our master carpenters, build department and shop, not to mention space to store our airstream trailer and storage containers that await conversion,” added Costello.

The company’s new facility has increased productivity and creativity. Fresh Wata’s showroom is a key example of this.

“We are focusing on the walls, and the furniture will be constantly rotating, so we invite people to stop by quarterly and check us out,” she said.

Expected to officially be completed this September, the Fresh Wata showroom will house cutting-edge technology, such as video mapping sculptures, 3D printers and interactive walls. A party commemorating this labor of love will kick off around this time. Until then, the Fresh Wata staff is excited for what’s to come and the people who will be there to see it.

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