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Gielissen receives award for Ferrari World theme park

Ferrari ParkGielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, a European-based full-service exhibit solution firm, received the IPMA-NL Project Excellence Award. The prize is awarded to an organization that succeeds in executing a complicated project in all facets to a high to excellent standard, setting an example for other project leaders and managers. Gielissen received the award for its contribution to the development and construction of two attractions in the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi.

IPMA-NL is the Dutch branch of IPMA International, an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality and professionalism of project management and promoting knowledge of project management within as many sectors as possible. Naturally, IPMA-NL focuses on projects executed by Dutch companies and organizations.

To qualify for the award, the project in question has to fulfill nine major criteria, including project leadership, project organization, innovation, customer satisfaction and result.

Before the award is presented, a thorough and extensive audit is performed by a team of four auditors. These auditors spent two and aFerrari Award half days verifying all aspects of the criteria at Gielissen Eindhoven. Their findings were compiled into the jury report, which showed that the value engineering, project organization and coordination, teamwork and final result, in particular, scored high.

Jury chairman Adri Duivesteijn presented the Excellence Award to Bart Wigman, Gielissen’s CEO.

“The quality we are being awarded for here is our standard,” said Wigman.

The Ferrari World theme park, an attraction park based primarily on Formula 1 racing, is located in Abu Dhabi, near the F1 Grand Prix circuit, which opened in 2009. This spectacular complex comprises 26 high-tech attractions. Gielissen built two of the attractions in the covered area: the Ferrari Factory Experience and the Ferrari History Ride.

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