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Global Spectrum outpaces convention industry at Duke Energy Convention Center

Global Spectrum, the facility management company at Cincinnati’s Duke Energy Convention Center, has exceeded its 2009 budget by $10,426. While many venues in the convention center industry, both large and small, suffered significant deficits due to challenging economic conditions, Global Spectrum’s staff at the Duke Energy Convention Center was able to mold challenges into opportunities for success.

Contributing factors to Global Spectrum’s budget success in 2009 include improvements in net income per event, better than industry average facility occupancy percentages, green initiatives and client survey scores.

“Under the leadership of Ric Booth, Global Spectrum general manager, the 750,000 sq. ft. Duke Energy Convention Center runs much more like a successful business that puts customers first and is consistently finding ways to perform in a better way,” stated Dan Lincoln, President and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“We are thrilled to have been able to surpass our budget expectations for 2009,” said Booth. “Our team maintained a great focus and determination to increase our operational efficiency in what proved to be a challenging year for the entire industry.”

According to the 2009 Convention Center Report, published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, conventions centers comparable in size to the Duke Energy Convention Center attracted an average of just over 625,000 attendees, achieved exhibit hall occupancy rates at 39% and ballroom occupancy rates at 45%.  The report identified efficient occupancy rates at 50-60%, which is much different than what occurred during the challenging conditions in 2009.

At the Duke Energy Convention Center, Global Spectrum reports show a more successful year than the average reported in the PricewaterhouseCoopers report.  In 2009, the 174 events at the center attracted over 644,000 people, exhibit hall occupancy was reported at 51% and grand ballroom occupancy was reported at 54%.

“We were able to evaluate areas of growth in 2009,” added Booth.  “For us to outpace industry averages proved that our efforts to expand our scope and develop new business led to direct, measurable results.”

The energy savings that were generated through green initiatives implemented by Global Spectrum also impacted the 2009 budget success. Global Spectrum initiated building-wide efforts to increase efficiency and improve recycling efforts in 2008. In 2009, those recycling efforts diverted 150,000 pounds of post-consumable material from landfills. Upgrades made to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems also resulted in a 7% energy deduction, the generation of nearly 46,000 kW hours of renewable energy and a 77 ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

“We take a lot of pride as a company in managing our clients’ expectations and exceeding them through efficient operations and a commitment to customer service,” said John Page, Global Spectrum chief operating officer. “Ric and his entire team work tirelessly to provide the City of Cincinnati and their customers a great experience at the Duke Energy Convention Center.”

“The City of Cincinnati is grateful for Global Spectrum’s effort and dedication to the success of our convention center,” said Mayor Mark Mallory.  “I have no doubt Cincinnati has the best-managed convention center in the country.”

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