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Changing to meet your expectations…
Our readership is comprised of a diverse collection of groups. The only common bond is the industry that we work in on a daily basis. This is exemplified by the way we prefer to receive and comprehend information. It is for this reason that ECN has made a switch in how we deliver our content to you, our readers.

We recently made the switch to deliver half of our monthly editions digitally. The other six monthly editions, every other month, will continue to be delivered in print.

This allows us to deliver the important industry news, often with same day coverage, while reserving the majority of the print editions for special features, profiles, and content that will not be found anywhere but on the pages of Exhibit City News.

Bridging the gap…
While many of the younger generations have a preference for all things  digital, the older generation simply will not give up their hardcopy.

So, we now have it both ways. This is the only true way to make sure important information makes it to all groups when they need it.

Remember, effective communication makes everyone’s work a better place on a daily basis. Above all else, effective communications help control the cost of events and exhibiting for the customer!

See you in the digital world in October!

Don Svehla
Group Publisher

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