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IAVM releases 2010 Venue Salary Survey

According to the International Association of Venue Managers’ (IAVM), formerly the International Association of Assembly Managers, 2010 Salary Survey, convention center and complex executives earn the highest salaries in venue management.

The survey results indicate that the chief executive in a convention center earns $131,305; a complex chief executive, an average of $129,013; performing arts center chief executive, $120,448; and in an arena, the chief executive earns an average of $107,896. Those in larger markets or venues earn larger paychecks

“This salary report is an important measure of the venue management industry and will help our members understand their value in today’s economy. This has been a true collaborative effort and I thank our participating members for providing the information that will benefit our entire industry.” said John Siehl, CFE, IAVM chairman of the board.

The salary survey only included salary data for full-time staff in the top three levels of a venue management; fringe benefits and perks were not included. The 2010 IAVM Salary Survey was created using an internet-based format. Survey forms were distributed from February 24 through March 10, 2010 to 1,043 IAVM primary members to avoid duplication of venues.

“The survey reports show the salary range, average and median for each position by venue type,” Dana Glazier, CAE, IAVM director of research and knowledge management. “In order to create the most useful report, the data is also presented in various categories; venue size, venue market, gender, ownership and management when there was enough data to be statistically significant.”

The following data are excerpted from the survey results. However, the data does not take into account the number of years of experience, education or geographic location.


In Performing Arts Centers, the Public Relations department head was compensated more than in the other types of venues.


Sales and Marketing department heads were compensated higher in Convention Centers than the other sectors.


Director of Events was similar across the sectors.


The difference in male and female average salary is near the 75-80 percent difference noted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sample of females is low and is provided as a point of interest and not a scientifically sound relationship.




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