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Industry expert shines light on LED

Many companies are having trouble figuring out how to “go green” and save some money, but one company is helping others do just that through the use of some reds, blues and yellows, too.

Our knowledgeable team, including industry legend Jerry Laidman of Lighting and Electronic Design, Inc. – a seasoned force in the explosive field of light-emitting diode technology – utilizes cost-cutting measures, energy-saving lighting systems and custom designs.
Founded in 1990 by Janie Lynn, Laidman’s sister, the Southern California-born company soon expanded to include the Las Vegas marketplace in 1992 before moving next door to Henderson, Nev. just seven years later.

Their key to successfully saving money for their clients has been in providing exceptional quality that doesn’t have to be replaced every several years.

Most major lighting companies are having product made to their specifications in China to save money, but there is a big difference in the quality of design of those products because many of them are copied rather than created due to need, Laidman said.

“If we can specify the LEDs to be used, the components to be used and supply our design as opposed to an inferior design that has been copied, we have the best of two worlds,” he said.

This quality difference and a team of experienced consultants with more than 70 years of combined experience in the lighting industry has been a leading factor in many of the company’s winning bids. This is due in no small part to Laidman’s extensive history in the field.
Starting his career in the 1970s, Laidman originally owned a company that worked on sound systems before he switched to the lighting industry. His earlier work includes his patented Saturn LED lighting systems, capable of generating different colors that interchange from the same light source. The system was revolutionary in that it did all of this without the use of computer chips. It was something he really enjoyed and found much more passionate than his previous work.

Lighting provides an extra dimension to a room, makes a person see things in a different way and provided a greater challenge and more interesting work.

Now the lighting industry has transformed once more now that companies are demanding environmentally-friendly LED technology.

“They have come of age and perfectly fit the ‘going green’ movement,” Laidman said.  “When a 100-watt halogen bulb can be replaced by a 27-watt LED bulb and last 50,000 plus hours with the same lumen output, this is something to get excited about.”

That was one of the factors behind one of company’s clients, the Luxor Hotel and Casino, when they decided to change out their lighting systems several years back. The renown running lights on the outside of the hotel were switched out for the new technology, saving the hotel approximately three-fourths of the amount of energy needed to run them, Laidman said. And with the environment being a hot topic, Laidman predicts this technology will only get increasingly popular for companies to use since it helps save money while projecting an environmentally friendly image.

“Most of our clients need custom products built for their specific needs,” Laidman said. “We can provide that for them with the energy saving benefits of this technology.”

It would seem that green is the industry’s favorite new color.

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