July 13, 2024 10:08 PM
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Industry peeps connect using LinkedIn

One of the hottest social media platforms today, LinkedIn hosts a variety of tradeshow/exhibit industry related groups that offer some interesting, informative, educational and sometimes, controversial member-driven content.

I am guessing most Exhibit City News readers know about LinkedIn, (www.linkedin.com), but just in case, LinkedIn is an online network of business professionals. As of Feb. 10, there were more than 60 million LinkedIn members across the globe with a new member joining about every second. According to LinkedIn, about half of LinkedIn’s members are outside the U.S., and all Fortune 500 companies are represented by LinkedIn members.

The premise behind LinkedIn is connecting and networking. LinkedIn allows members to be introduced to, and collaborate with, other professionals that may be able to help each other accomplish professional goals. Much of this connecting is accomplished through its LinkedIn Groups platform.

LinkedIn Groups allows its members to mingle based on common interests, experiences, affiliations and goals. Anyone can start a group, some of which never take hold while others amass thousands of members. The more popular groups gain a foothold for a variety of reasons. Trade association and publication-focused groups build their membership by inviting their members and readers to join their groups. Some group founders actively solicit members by inviting their connections and posting invitations on similar group discussion/news portals. Most people find their own way by using keywords to pinpoint groups of interest.

In terms of the tradeshow/exhibit industry, a search will uncover about 250 groups that have “tradeshow” or “trade show” highlighted in their group profile.

Here is a sampling of the more popular tradeshow / exhibit-focused groups on LinkedIn:

ExpoCrunch – Where Innovation Meets the Events Industry (108 members)
“Innovators and professionals in the events, trade show, and expo industry. … network and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations for the events industry…”

EACA Members (87)
“Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association(EACA) was founded in 1998 to represent and support the interests of EACs and exhibit service suppliers…”

The EDPA Group – the Exhibition and Event Platform (457)
“Event, exhibit and live communication professionals. Design, roadshow/mobile marketing, stand/booth builder, meeting planner/visitor, trade show/fair/expo/conference, subcontractor, exhibitor/general contractor, organizers, audiovisual…”

“EXHIBITOR is the place for trade show and corporate event marketers on LinkedIn.”

Greener Trade Shows (716)
“…entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who are looking for eco-friendly display options.”

Learn How to Make Your Tradeshows, Conferences, and Events More Profitable (531)
“…Discuss best practices and share experiences with other professionals in the tradeshow, conference, and event industry.”

Sponsorship Sales Professionals (805)
“… sponsorship sales and event coordination professionals within the event, conference and trade show industries.”

Trade Show Executives (609)
“… professionals exclusively or primarily engaged in producing and/or promoting trade shows.”

Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) (2,048)
“…the only association in the world dedicated solely to exhibitors’ needs, TSEA is here to help you succeed as a face-to-face marketing professional.”

Trade Show and Event Flooring (39)
“… to help corporate trade show and event managers get the most out of their exhibit and event flooring.”

Trade Show Help (937)
“…trade show exhibitors, marketing managers, event coordinators and anyone that wants to know more about exhibiting at tradeshows.”

Trade Show Professionals (1,479)
“…trade show, expo and conference professionals, including event planners, conference organizers, expo managers, venue hosts, and trade show floor representatives: infotainers, magicians…”

Trade Show Marketing (356)
”… trade show marketing professionals interested in exchanging ideas and discussing best practices in the trade show marketing industry.”

Trade Show Success Network (207)
“Marketing professionals, exhibitors, and event coordinators, looking to share ideas, and experiences on successful trade show exhibiting….”

Trade Show Transportation Group (8)
“A place for all with questions or needs relating to Transportation of Trade Show materials… Sound transportation advice such as best method of shipping, alternative methods of shipping, lower pricing strategies and more.”

TSNN.com – The Trade Show News Network (2,605)
“… join our new group to network and share for mutual benefit…”

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