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Industry Podcast: “The Don & Mike Show” COVID-19 Recap

by Mike Morrison, national sales director, WS Displays

“The Don and Mike Show” podcast has seen a vast amount of its time and content being spent on COVID-19, economic impacts and current events of late that have never been seen in our lifetime.  This time is not only challenging for our industry and its people, but for our country and the world as a whole.  We’ve seen tradeshow, event and experiential marketing people lose their careers in a single swoop and colleagues we have known for decades leave with no warning and embark on different career paths while others have held on, kicking and screaming trying to remain gainfully employed and struggle to make a way to keep companies open and heads above water.

Add to that the non-ignorable civil discourse that is happening today with protests, riots and fighting law enforcement at every turn, it is sometimes hard to concentrate on recovering and getting back to the business of live events.

The latest podcast shows have centered the content on just that goal … having guests come on the show to talk about everything from traveling in the “new normal,” to industry advocacy, to facing the realities of the “new normal” and learning that Zoom, Go To Meeting, Chat Hangouts and the like are the new way to conduct meetings with the work-from-home format.

Many of us, including Don and Mike, are true road warriors…and they do not meet this “new normal” with smiles on their faces. But they are encouraged at what is seemingly coming down the pike. The show will participate in the July 24th Together Again Expo in Orlando. They are also looking forward to the IAEE Expo Expo along with EDPA Access conferences and, of course, The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic. All of these events, hopefully, will be here before we know it.

The “The Don and Mike Show” did a brief two times per week stint when the lockdowns started, but has recently moved back to just doing the weekly Friday show with Don and Mike packing the time with applicable content and worthy informative interviews.

Check out the poll each week for The Don & Mike Show at TheDonAndMikeShow.net and give us feedback.  Email TheDonAndMikeShow@gmail.com as well to let us know your thoughts.


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This story originally appeared in the July/August issue of Exhibit City News, p. 19. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecn_july-august_2020




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