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Industry Profile: C2it Productions: An Exhibit House with Big Walls

LED Video Walls, That Is!   by Glen Roberts

With video walls of any size, standard and interactive video displays, sound systems and other technologies, C2it Productions goes beyond normal exhibit house offerings with an impressive array of in-house audio-visual gear and expertise to help clients capture attention and make the impressions they need. The video walls can scale to any size…like the back wall of a booth, for example, or even a stage backdrop. And while sometimes bigger is better, smaller displays work great, too.

That’s according to C2it owner Jerry Azoulay, who adds that there is one common denominator, “Quite simply, it’s movement,” he says. “When you’re fighting for attention at a tradeshow, nothing beats motion to catch the eye and create interest. Small or large, any video can do that. It can be both dynamic and informative. And it can deliver a clearly-defined message repeatedly that won’t lose energy on the last day of a tradeshow. Many companies already have great videos that can do the job but don’t use them at tradeshows for fear of the cost. That’s where we come in.”

Azoulay says, “We can provide technology more affordably because we own it ourselves. Most houses outsource A/V: the design, the equipment and the staff; all or some of it is subcontracted. And beyond that cost is a hidden issue: third-party designers aren’t always connected with the client. They might call out an element that just doesn’t makes sense.”

“But it’s our client, and we do care,” Azoulay emphasizes, “whether it’s a live presentation area or interactive technology, we do it all in-house.” A recent challenge was to design a mock slot machine for high-end giveaways, with the client’s logo among the symbols rolling past and stopping on the “pay line” of the digital reels. “We delivered on the idea–without outsourcing–and it was pretty exciting! The crowd drew a lot of attention; the line moved quickly and allowed the client to interact with attendees as they waited. Everyone had a lot of fun, and most importantly, it was a success.”

Azoulay’s background speaks to why. Working for a themed-entertainment integrator in 1997, he oversaw the design/build of “Islands of Adventure” at Universal Studios Orlando. Then he headed to Las Vegas, where he landed GameWorks, an imaginative landmark that stood on the Strip for years; as well as the original sports book at MGM…no small feat.

Exhibit house MC2, who had provided Azoulay with an office, thought to tap him for help with some of their own clients, such as electronics giants Pioneer and Sharp. “I found my new calling, and never looked back,” he adds with a laugh. He joined MC2 and stayed 10 years, later working with TSF (Trade Show Fabricators), Derse and others; and always with an eye to design-compelling A/V presentations. He still enjoys long-standing relationships with many clients, including LG Electronics and Imagine Communications.

C2it productions ATX booth “We also do traditional booths using the latest in modular booth design and can provide whatever the client wants at any scale,” says Azoulay . “In fact, that’s what C2it means: Whatever you want, we ‘see to it.’ We’ve got great talent and great connections.”

Azoulay singles out team member Larry Berlinger as an example. “Larry managed events for three landmark nightclubs in Vegas: Tao, Lavo and Marquee.  So, we’ve got connections to handle events at any level.” Location is rarely an issue, says Azoulay, noting, “We just finished a large tradeshow in Amsterdam with great results; this week we’re in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Orlando and, of course, Las Vegas.”

Just past their one-year anniversary, C2it Productions offers turnkey tradeshow services through a strategic partnership between Azoulay and long-time friend and colleague Matt Naert, founder of Plus Studios. With solid industry ties and businesses adjacent to one another; Azoulay can often be seen assisting and advising the Plus Studios team on A/V design; Naert in turn gives Azoulay access to much of Plus Studios’ resources.

C2it leverages several video wall brands, including Absen, infilLED and LEDskin, a modular LED display offered by beMatrix that integrates with their frame system. Because very few beMatrix houses carry the LEDskins, some have tapped Azoulay to add his tiles to their designs. “It’s a small industry,” Azoulay notes. “We help anywhere we can.”

C2it Productions is an exhibit house based in Las Vegas, NV that also provides audio-visual equipment and expertise as part of their offering. For more info, visit. www.c2itproductions.com, or phone (866) 995-2248.

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